Believe in the Possibility

December 2013. Size 6 pants, size small shirt. The sweater is OSFA.

I used to wear a size 18/20 pants and 2X shirts. I even had one sundress that was a size 22. You’ve come a long way baby? Yes, indeed!

I remember there being times that I didn’t think I would ever lose the weight. I would see other people I KNEW do it, and still didn’t think it was possible for me. Even still, I never gave up hope. My journey started in 2002 and I met my goal weight in 2012. I started and quit A LOT. But I always started again. Then one day I decided to stick with it. I lost some weight, gained some weight, lost some weight, hit a plateau, lost some more weight, got pregnant, gained lots of weight, lost lots of weight, kept off lots of weight. All over 11 years. There is no quick fix. It won’t take everyone ten years. But even if it does? So what? You don’t think once you lose the weight it’s over, do you? The changes you make to lose the weight are the changes you’ll have to keep to maintain a healthy weight. So since you’re going to changing your lifestyle, and not just going on a diet, it really doesn’t matter how long it takes for the weight to fall off. Enjoy the journey of learning to prepare meals that are delicious, flavorful, clean, and healthy. Enjoy the journey of trying to get a small child to choose real, whole foods over junk food – trust me, it really can be enjoyable. Enjoy the journey of self acceptance: the successes, the failures, the strengths, the weaknesses, and all the little nuances that make you YOU. Enjoy the feeling that comes from taking good care of yourself and your family. Enjoy feeding your family meals made from your hands and filled with love. Enjoy the pain you feel during and after a workout, knowing you are building strong muscles and strong bones to support your strong body. Enjoy the joy you feel as you reach milestone after milestone headed toward your goal. Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment you feel after you finish a workout you didn’t feel like doing in the first place. Enjoy the ABSOLUTE SOLITUDE of your workout; a time when you don’t have to be wife, mother, friend, or sister (or husband, father, friends, or brother) to anyone, you can simply BE YOU. Enjoy the lasting positive impact you have on your children and those around you when you embrace your healthy lifestyle. Enjoy your journey to good health and a lifetime free of disease and costly medications. Enjoy having the energy you need to keep up with your life and the people in it. Now that I think about it, the joys of this journey have FAR outweighed the bad. I mean, really, what is the bad? You can’t eat something whenever or as much as you want to? You have to exercise regularly? Is there anything else really bad? After a while, even those things become second nature and you don’t look at them as bad anymore. They are simply a part of your life. Do not ever think that you cannot change your life. You can. Remember that it’s not all or nothing; setbacks do not equate failure. Keep pressing forward, NO MATTER WHAT. You are the only person who can stand in the way of you and your goals. So get out of your way and GET MOVING!!! Your goal awaits you!

(Oh yeah, that white spot? Mirror, not my pants.)