Let me tell y’all how Captain Torture set me up for the okey doke. I show up at the gym last Friday evening for my second strength training session of the week. I get there, I’m on my way to the scale and Capt. T stops me and says, “I have some good news and I have some bad news. The bad news is I got stuck with a new appointment. The good news is I have another trainer here who can do your workout.” I’m flexible, so I say that’s no problem. He introduces me to Lt. KMA (Kick My Ass) and says to him, “She has no injuries, she can do full body workouts, so you can . . .” Then he starts fumbling looking for what to say. Finally he smiles and looks at me then looks back at Lt. KMA and says, “Basically, you can kill her.” I was floored. Really, Captain Torture? Did you really just tell dude to kill me? I couldn’t believe he did me like that. So I weighed in and was down 1lb since the Friday before last (Capt. T wants me to lose 2lbs a week, but I lost 3 last week, so it averages out). We go into the training room where Capt. T is training his other client and I’m like, “Oh, so I can’t lie or complain because I’m still training in front of Mark. Great.” I was only half kidding. So dude prepares to Kick My Ass. He takes me to the back of the room and gets the box step thingie that is a little more than a foot high. He proceeds to tell me to do the one thing I have been dreading this whole time: jump on the box. FUCK!!! I was wondering when Capt. T would introduce plyometrics and I just haven’t been looking forward to it. I’m afraid of jumping because I have bad knees, I’m afraid of falling, and I’m afraid of getting hurt. I did not want to jump on that fuckin’ step. I jumped up three times then I couldn’t do it anymore. I just could not make myself jump anymore. So he said I could use an aerobic step instead. We went over to it and it was too low, so it was too easy to jump on. We kept adding risers until it was a little shorter than the box step. Then I started the jumps. That shit right there? EXHAUSTING! I did that for 1 minute then he set 50lbs on the box step and had me push it across the room and back twice. Then I had to do more box jumps, then 20 squats with a shoulder press, then push the 50lbs across and back some more. Then, he gave me a 15 second break. I was SO happy! Capt T doesn’t really do breaks, you have to get them in where you can fit them in. So I grab a swig of water and it goes down the wrong pipe cuz I am gulping for air and drinking, so I start to choke. Lt. KMA did not miss a beat and did not care that I was choking. He kept on explaining how to do the next exercise, got his phone so he could start his bitch ass timer, then asked if I was ready to go. I squeaked out that I was and continued to let him kill me. He had me doing high knees and then dropping to do a push-up, side jumps over jump ropes, more squats with a medicine ball toss, then more box jumps (he said I was gonna be a pro at box jumps, *snort*), and pushing the 50lbs across the room some more. That workout literally kicked my ass. I was SO happy to be done. It was vastly different from the workouts I do with Capt. T, my heart rate was MUCH higher with Lt. KMA, but I feel like I work my muscles to more exhaustion with Capt. T. Equally good workouts, just very different. But when I tell y’all there were at least two times that I thought I was going to die, I did. One was of course when I was choking (that bama ain’t even ask if I was alright) and then there was a time when I thought my heart was going to pop out of my throat. I really did. My body didn’t hurt like it does after a workout with Capt. T, except for my back muscles between my shoulder blades. But when I walked out of that gym, my legs felt like spaghetti. It was a good workout, but I kinda feel like Capt. T owes me for that one, for real. How you just gon’ tell dude to kill me? And he really did try!

So that was my little near death experience. I still enjoyed my workout, and I am looking forward to my next one today. Couldn’t weigh in Sunday since it was a holiday and WW was closed. I weighed in on the Wii and it had me about 3lbs down since Sunday before last. Finally a real loss! My eating hasn’t been the best, but I’m hoping I am still the same as Sunday or lower. People at work are noticing that I’m smaller than I was when I started the job at the end of November. I actually have only lost maybe 5lbs since I started, but I think I’ve lost some inches. I’ll ask Capt. T today when we’ll be taking my measurements next. I’m interested in seeing if my %bf has changed. I think before it was 28 or 29. I was just happy it was under 30. I’ll keep y’all posted on that.

Not much else is going on. Didn’t get my long run in last weekend, and this weekend is my birthday. I’ll be 38. I am in better shape at 38 than I was at 28. Hell, I’m in better shape today than I was when I was 19 years old! A BITCH IS BAD, OK?! By the time I turn 40? I’ll be in better shape than when I was 20. It feels GOOD!!!!

Hope you’re having a great week! #stayfit #keepmoving

I guess that’s all for today. Here’s to a great week!