So I haven’t been to the gym since Saturday. Combination of laziness and poor planning. Didn’t even exercise at home. I did walk at work and tried to clear 10k steps each day. Still, my weight is up a little bit. I meet with Capt T today and I’m not looking forward to the conversation about my weight and what I’ve been eating and how I haven’t exercised this week. But I have to do it. I talked to my boss’ boss today about how he stays motivated and committed to stay fit. He told me what I already knew: you have to make it a priority. He travels a lot and makes sure to find the hotel gym and if there isn’t one, he does push-ups & sit-ups (100 each) in his hotel room. No matter how late it is, he still makes time for the gym, even if it’s 11pm. He said he sometimes does 2-a-days, early morning and again in the evening or at night. I need to re-commit. If I fail to meet my goals, it’s because I’M SLACKING. There is no other EXCUSE; I either do it or I don’t. So I choose to JUST DO IT!

More later. I’m on lunch and just wanted to do a super quick update. Hope y’all are having a better week than I am!!! Make it an even better weekend! Keep moving! (said in my Dori voice)