So it’s been about three and a half months since I last took my measurements. I have to say, I was disappointed in the results. Then I had to remind myself, I’m at a healthy weight (albeit barely, but so what?) and the majority of my body is not going to change anymore as far as getting smaller is concerned. And that’s ok. My boss read something at work yesterday about hope and part of it was letting go of the past. Who cares what I did and didn’t do on my journey for the past few months. That time is gone, I can’t get it back, and there is no use lamenting it. Spilled milk, right? Right. Today is a new day. EVERY day is a new day, so let’s just keep it movin’, shall we? I banished 1.75in to the past three months to stay there forever! Here’s the breakdown (NC = No Change):

Neck: 12 (NC)
Bust/Back: 31.5 (-1)
Upper Arm: 11.25 (+0.25, WTF???)
Wrist: 6 (NC)
Waist: 32 (NC)
Hips: 38.5 (-1.5)
Upper thigh: 25 (NC, again, WTF?)
Calf: 14.5 (NC)
Ankle: 8.75 (+0.5, but that’s to be expected given the sock situation last time)

So if I had to be completely honest, of course I’m not happy. My waist has not changed in three months. On the other hand, IT AIN’T NO BIGGER!!! So there’s really nothing to be upset about. How fat burns from the upper thigh eludes me. I mean, my hips went down and my thighs didn’t? HOW is that possible??? Every time it happens I’m stunned. I won’t EVEN start on my arms. UGH!


You have lost almost 10lbs in that amount of time and you’ve done next to nothing. You’re lucky you didn’t gain a bunch of weight back! How can you be upset with the results of no hard work? No hard work gets you nothing, and the measuring tape proved it. Instead of crying over the spilled milk, look at it as a perfect opportunity to show just how extraordinary you are. You have 86 days until your birthday. Make each and every one of them count. Work HARD to transform your body and get the physique you want! If you can lose 64lbs (84lbs really, from your heaviest weight), surely you can tone your muscles and burn off the rest of this little bit of fat! Work SO hard that you will be surprised, if not satisfied, with whatever results you get because you know deep inside that you tried to do BETTER than your best. Basically, you need to be the example, not the statistic. And I already believe you can do it. SO GET IT DONE!!!