My goodness, time flies when you’re blogging! Gotta make this quick so I can hustle to work. Ok, so you already know that I have 86 days until my 38th birthday. That gives me just enough time to complete (actually COMPLETE, not start and abandon, but FINISH) a 12-week cycle of strength training (ST) as well as training for a half-marathon. So here are my goals:

1) To complete the 12-week cycle as outlined in You Are Your Own Gym (YAYOG). I re-read some parts of the book and I trust his process. I’m going to give it my absolute all! No skipped workouts! My goal is simply to complete the program. I’ve NEVER finished a ST program. Not Body-for-Life, not YAYOG, not anything that would actually tone my flabby ass body. This time I am COMMITTED to success and will let NOTHING get in my way. If I have to wake up at the crack of dawn to do my workouts, that’s what I will do. I’m going to try to find an online training journal so that I have another level of accountability for my workouts.

2) Maintain a healthy weight as I build muscle. I want to be a WW Lifetime member, so that means that I have to maintain my weight within 2lbs of my goal. Once I do that, I can work for WW. So my goal is to maintain my healthy weight goal (162lbs) which I plan to meet at my next weigh-in on Tuesday, January 24th.

3) I want to reduce my percentage of body fat. I don’t know by how much and I don’t know what my %BF is right now. I have to get it measured and I have to do it quick if I want to make this goal measurable.

4) Specifically, I want to actually SEE my muscles in my abs, biceps, triceps, and quads. These are my problem areas. I want to lose an inch each off of my waist, my arms, and my thighs. I think that will allow me to see the muscles that are forming underneath the fat.

5) Lastly, I want to become stronger and build my endurance. I want to be able to do 10 push-ups! I want to be able to run a 5K, the whole thing!

To reach these goals I plan to attend WW meetings faithfully and weigh in each week, complete ALL of my ST workouts, join a gym so I can complete ALL of my half-marathon training (I’m following Jeff Galloway’s model), run two 5K’s and a 10K before the Flying Pig Half Marathon in May, and above all, I’m going to give eating clean my all. That means I’m committed to cooking more. I’m also going to start going back to Pilates every other Sunday. I’m going to look over my original ST assessment, take another assessment, and adjust my goals accordingly as far as increasing my performance with the body weight exercises.

I have to hightail it to work, so I’ll blog more about my goals, plans, and how I’m doing so far this weekend. I will also post a new before pic so I have something to compare it to on April 14, 2012.

Ha-haaaaaa!!!!! A bitch is back on her game, y’all!!!!! 😀

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! Have a great week!!!