This will be short b/c I have to get back to work. I have FINALLY lost some weight. For the first time since last year, the scale went DOWN! Well, ok, the first time in about 6 weeks, since 12/7/2011. This week, I lost 2.8lbs. So that means I lost the 1.8 that I’ve gained over the past month or so and 1 more pound to boot! My goal was to lose 2lbs, and I did that and them some, so I’m happy. What did I do different? I actually followed the plan. That helps, lol. I tracked every single thing that I put into my mouth. Even the day that I went over my points by 37PP when I only had 7 weekly points left. Luckily, I earned 58AP last week. I ended the week with about 14AP left. Yeah, I was eating everything, but I did NOT gain, and I’m proud that I tracked honestly. I’m proud that I got my lazy ass in gear and got to moving! Yesterday I went to the gym with my ride-or-die friend and fellow WW member, Carlotta. 3 classes, 30 minutes each: Zumba, boot camp, and kick boxing. I earned 21AP yesterday alone! THANKS, LOTTA!!!!

I’ll be joining a gym this week. I’ve committed to walk/running the half marathon at the Flying Pig this coming May (Thanks, Tam)!!! And since training in the cold and snow is simply not going to happen, I need a gym membership so I can pound the pretend pavement on the treadmill and elliptical. And a little cross training, too.

I’ve started a countdown to my birthday, 4/14: I have 88 days. I will get my % body fat taken and post before pics either this week or next. Operation Look Better Naked is back in full effect!!! It’s a little less than 12 weeks away, just enough time for me to finish one cycle of strength training. I’ll blog my goals and my plan to meet them tomorrow or at some point this week. I’m committed to blogging more. I was much more accountable when I blogged on the regular. Getting back on plan in every way.

That’s all I have time for today. I hope that you are still on plan and having a GREAT week!!!!