What can I say? It be’s like that sometimes! 🙂 Today, I weighed in at 164.4 for a total loss of 63lbs!!! I am 0.4lb from a healthy weight for my height, 2.4lbs from my WW goal, and 9.4lbs away from my personal goal. I think my last WIW post was on 9/28; I was 173.2. Here are my weigh ins from weeks past that I didn’t get around to posting:

10/5/11 -1.2, 172.0
10/12/11 +0.2, 172.2
10/19/11 +0.4, 172.6
10/26/11 -2.0, 170.6
11/2/11 +0.6, 171.2
11/9/11 -4.4, 166.8
11/16/11 -2.4, 164.4

As you see, I was on a little plateau (because I was not off plan, although I wasn’t exercising as I should have been) for a little over a month. I’m glad that’s over with! So those are my weigh-ins. My goal for this week is to lose 2.4lbs and get to GOAL!!! I know I can do it!!!

Completely off topic, but joyful nonetheless, Reuben saw a real train for the first time today. I have NEVER been happier to sit at a railroad crossing! I told him a train was coming and he was SO excited (he loves trains)! When it came past blowing it’s whistle, he said, “Ooh, choo chooooooo!” He smiled the whole time and then said, “I never seen a train before!” The awe and wonder in his eyes made me wish we had another RR crossing to wait at. Looking at the world through a child’s eyes? Priceless. I’m glad I was there to share that moment with him. And it makes me glad that I am making healthier choices to ensure that I will be around for many moments to come. Speaking of Reuben, my leader, Eileen, complimented him on how well behaved he was in the meeting today! Not to mention I found out last week that my 3-year old is the age equivalent of 4yrs 9mos. My baby genius! Because of him, I am on top of the world this week. PRAISE YAH!!!!!

I hope you are ON PLAN and having a GREAT week!!! Remember, time is going to pass regardless, you CHOOSE how you spend it! Make good, healthy choices!!!