Weigh-in went wonderfully last week! I lost 4.6lbs for a total of 52.6lbs down!!! Woohooooo! When I got to the meeting, I saw a receptionist that hadn’t been there in a while. She said, “You’re gonna wow me, aren’t you?” I told her I doubted it; I’d just be happy to lose anything. I get on the scale and her eyes get wide. She says, “You wowed me! You lost 4.6lbs!” I said, “Are you sure?!” She said, “Yes, you’re 174.8!” It still didn’t register. See, I started a new job (remember?!) and my shift was 10-7 at the time. I couldn’t go to my regular meeting, so the past two weigh-ins I went to one on the way to work. So for some reason, in my mind, they wouldn’t have those weigh-ins and the 4.6 lost was really from what I weighed two weeks ago. So I thought I was only 1.2lbs down. I didn’t even react to the 4.6lb loss until I got to my seat and looked at my tracker. She was right! Since I was slacking in my tracking, I had no idea how my weigh-in would go. I figured I’d lose, but I damn sure didn’t think I’d lose more than 2lbs, even though my goal was to lose more than 3.4. So I met my goal! And that brings me to this week.

It has been a crazy week! Needless to say, I haven’t tracked since Friday. So, again, I have no idea how my weigh-in is gonna go tomorrow. I can only hope for good things, and accept whatever the scale says. I have yet to take my measurements this month. I am really going to try when I get home. I know the scale isn’t the only measure of my success, so I need to take my measurements. I just have so much going on. The fact that I haven’t eaten myself into an early grave based on the amount of stress I’ve been under lately is absosmurfly amazing. It really is. And I have to commend myself for that. *pats on back* That brings me to non-scale victories (NSV).

Not eating due to stress is the biggest NSV I’ve had thus far. Staying slightly on plan the past month and a half is a victory in and of itself. Let me start here. I moved out of my apartment on July 27th with the intention of moving into a new apartment the second week of August. I traveled to visit friends and family in the meantime. When I got back to Cincinnati, everything fell through and I didn’t have anywhere to live. So for the past month and a half, I’ve been living with friends. It has been THE most humbling experience of my life. I have learned A LOT about myself (and others) during this time. I am thankful for the grace and mercy of the Most High Yah throughout this time and thankful that he opened the hearts of others to allow them to open their homes to me and my son. I am THANKFUL!!! So when I have been saying life was crazy and I was stressed, it is the craziest and most stressful my life has ever been. And it is the FIRST time I have ever been that stressed that I did not eat myself into oblivion. So that is most certainly my largest NSV to date. Praise Yah!!!! There have been two days in the past week that there have been cupcakes at work. I only ate one cupcake each time. The old me would’ve eaten at least two, probably 3 with a big cup of full fat hot chocolate (cuz it is FREEZING) in our building. How about what size clothes I wear? ALL of my 14’s are way too big! Most of my 11/12’s fit pretty well, but your girl is starting to fit into 10’s, too!!!! WOOTFUCKINWOOT!!!!!!!

I have to get going, but I’ll be back this week to write (or vlog) about what’s to come: Tales from the Tape, strength training, working activity into my schedule, and me and the Wii.

Hope you are having a great week!!!

I looked for and got a new apartment (PRAISE YAH) after one month and 3 weeks of living with friends.