So I forgot to blog about my weigh-in last week AFTER I said I was committed to blogging more. Yeah, happens. At any rate, I had a GREAT weigh-in last week: I lost 4.4lbs for a total of 49.6lbs lost! I am 177.8lbs which is what? BELOW MY PRE-PREGNANCY WEIGHT!!! Woohoooooo!!! I attribute that loss to tracking and I attribute the tracking to our WW group challenge on Facebook (THANKS, VALERIA). I started tracking my food again after not tracking for a few weeks, and it’s seriously like starting over on the plan. Because I had such a great loss last week, I’m not expecting big numbers on the scale tomorrow. I do, however, expect to have lost at least a half a pound so that I can get my 50lb charm! The receptionist is expecting it, too, so I’m a little nervous. I have *not* tracked very much this week and that’s what has me nervous. I have exercised, though. Sunday was my best day: I walked 6 miles in the morning and then did a free Zumba class in the afternoon. I ended Sunday with 22,340 steps and 21 activity points earned. Needless to say, I did pretty much nothing yesterday (Monday). I’ll probably do an exercise DVD tonight and maybe even a little jumprope (yikes). I will be happy with a 0.4lb loss tomorrow. I just want my 50lb charm.

So last week I talked to my Leader, Eileen, about my weight goal. I set it at 162 and we both signed my weight tracker. You know how you have to go six weeks and be within 2lbs of your goal weight to make Lifetime? What I didn’t know was that you have to maintain that weight in order to stay Lifetime. I thought after you made Lifetime you could start losing again. Why did I set my goal at 162 when I know I want to get down to 150-155? Two reasons: I want to stop paying and I want to work for WW. So while I’ll be able to get a job with them (hopefully as a receptionist then soon a Leader), I’ll have to keep paying. As I read the stuff about Lifetime membership in my little blue book, I realize that the not paying part might not even apply to folks with a Monthly Pass. I’ll have to figure that all out later. I’ll talk to Eileen again about it all tomorrow. I know that once I reach 162, though, I am going to want to maintain for a little bit while I get my muscle tone in order. I just don’t want to be a flabby mess when it’s all said and done. I just don’t!

So that’s that! I will update tomorrow (not next week) when I get that 50lb charm!!!!! I can’t believe I’ve lost almost 50lbs. That is seriously unbelievable. Which one of you faithful readers would like to buy me a new wardrobe? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?