I couldn’t wait to blog today! I get up this morning and hop on the Wii to see where my weight is before I go to my meeting. It’s exactly the same as yesterday, so I’m happy because I know I lost. But my Wii weight is always off anywhere from 0.2-0.4lb from the WW scale, so I don’t know if I lost all of what I gained last week. I was still nervous heading to my weigh-in. I haven’t done laundry, so my usual weigh-in outfit was dirty. So I threw on some little pink shorts and a pink and green top. Weight-wise, I think it’s the closest in weight to my regular outfit. I know this because I once weighed clothes on my food scale to see how wearing something different would affect my weigh-in. Yes, it’s that serious! And you thought AKA was a serious matter! Incidentally, my WW bag is an AKA bag. I felt like a neophyte! And not even then did I wear a pink and green outfit with a pink and green bag. Luckily for me, I’m in the minority at my meeting, so they don’t know I looked like a Diamond soror today, just without the rhinestone cap. 😉

Anyway, I done got way off topic. I get to the meeting and I’m walking through the parking lot when another member pulls up along side of us (me and Reu). I got there just as the meeting was letting out. She rolls down her window and says, “You look GREAT! I don’t come every Wednesday, but I have seen you off and on and you are really looking thin! Honestly, you’re little!” That made my morning! I thanked her immensely! I decided at that point that I simply did not care what the scale said. Not in the least! Who cares what it says if people can see and notice a difference? That’s the second compliment of that type that I got this week. Between the compliments, this challenge, and my WW partner, I am soooooooo motivated right now!

So how did I do this week? I lost 1.2lbs! I’m down 45.2lbs down weighing in at 182.2. I need to lose 0.4lb to finish losing what I gained last week. So my goals for this week are to (1) lose that 0.4lb, (2) meet all of my healthy checks (especially my water), (3) get over 10,000 steps a day (I got my pedometer replaced and need to start off slow), and (4), lose an additional 0.6lb (at least) to make my total loss next week at least 1lb.

So that’s my week. How was yours? What are you doing to make your dream a reality?