So I’m a little over a week late taking my measurements. So what? The point is I left 2.75 inches in July (and the beginning of August) forever. Foreva eva? Foreva eva? Yes, forever! That is the same exact amount that I left in June! WootWoot! Here is the breakdown (NC = No Change):

Neck: 13 (NC)
Bust/Back: 34 (-1)
Upper Arm: 12.5 (+0.5) 😦
Wrist: 6.5 (+0.25)
Waist: 34 (-1) WOOHOO!
Hips: 42.25 (-1.25) WOOHOO!
Upper Thigh: 26.5 (-0.5)
Calf: 15.25 (-0.25)
Ankle: 9 (NC)

So far on this journey I have lost 6.75″ from my waist, another 6.75″ from my hips, 5.5″ from my back, 4″ from my thighs, and 1.25″ from my arms. Not bad. Not bad at all. Here is a progress pic (Thanks, Valeria!):

Nov. ’10 – May ’11 – Aug. ’11

progress pic

Still got a ways to go, though. But I’m in it for the long haul and I have nothing but time! I’m only slightly nervous about my weigh-in tomorrow, but I’m looking forward to a new week! And a new pedometer! Totally lost without that! I was going to hop on the Wii tonight, but I may chalk that and plan my meals for the next few days instead. Hope everyone is doing well, staying on plan, or getting back on plan. It’s never too late!