Lots going on, so excuse my posting being late. I gained this week; I’m up 1.6lbs. I got plenty of activity, so it had to be my food intake. I didn’t track while I was at home, and I’m sure that’s it. Today I’m recommitting to the WW plan. I’m tracking my food. I’m tracking my healthy guidelines. I’m two days away from my weigh-in, so I really have no idea how this week is going to go. My WW pedometer broke last week. Yes, again. So let’s see… I got my first one in February and it stopped working Memorial Day weekend. I got a new one the first week in June and it stopped working 7/31/11. Really? I’ll be exchanging it at my weigh-in on Wednesday. I am totally dependent on my pedometer when it comes to calculating my activity points based on how many steps I took. The only activity I adjust is Zumba because the pedometer doesn’t take into account the intensity at which you work and Zumba is a WORKOUT! So I said all that to say I really have no clue how my weigh-in will go. I’ve played my Wii, but I’ve also eaten fried chicken and had some late night snacking this week. So who knows?

What made me recommit? Not like I’ve been totally off plan, but recommit to doing the WHOLE plan (tracking and all)? The woman who started our online WW support group implemented a challenge. Each week will have different tasks and this week is basically like starting over: tracking EVERYTHING you put into your mouth, staying within your points, etc. I needed this challenge to get me back on track and I took it. Now, what y’all probably don’t know about me is that I am VERY competitive. I normally compete with myself because I don’t have anyone else to compete with, LOL. But something like this? I don’t want to lose! What makes me KNOW I won’t slack off? I have a partner! So at the end of the month, it’s our total percentage of weight loss that determines where we fall in the challenge. I can’t let her down, so I know I won’t slack off. I’m in it to win it! And it’s not the bragging rights I want, it’s the pounds gone that I want to see. It’s some muscle that I want to build. It’s the transformation that I hope to see in MY body and mySELF. It’s a few pounds closer to being a WW receptionist and (hopefully after that) leader. It’s the jump-start I needed to get my mind back in the game. I haven’t been focused. This brought my focus back to where it needs to be.

THANK YOU, VALERIA! For challenging us and pushing us to reach our goals.

Lastly, I leave you with a vlog. Long time since I did one of these, huh? Enjoy! 🙂