july 6th wi

On time for the second week in a row! Who’s Bad?! Me! Who’s the baddest? Me? SHO NUFF! I lost 3.2lbs this week for a total of 40.6lbs gone! I am happy about that!!! Soooooo happy! Happy I haven’t given up. Happy I’m not resting on what I’ve lost without continuing to try to lose more. Happy that the weight is coming off. Happy that people can actually see a difference in my body. Happy that I’m on my way to a healthy weight. Happy that I can run in behind my son without getting winded immediately. Happy for Weight Watchers, a plan I can truly stick to for life. I’m just happy with this journey. I’m happy with ME. For staying committed, for being diligent, for constantly challenging myself, for making me and my health a priority. I’m doing good and I’m proud of myself.

40lbs gone is a milestone, and one that deserves a reward. So I’m going to reward myself with a new Wii game, Exerbeat. Yes, I go walking outside most days when the weather permits. Yes, I go to Zumba every week. Yes, I use my Wii less now that the weather is nicer. NO, I have NOT stopped using my Wii. I still love my dance games and I still have fun with the Wii Fit Plus games and Wii Sports/Sports Resort games. I just found out about Exerbeat this week, but after reading reviews and watching some Youtube videos, I knew I would buy it. I can use it on rainy days, on days when I want extra activity, and by the fall/winter I can use it even more often. What I like about the Wii as opposed to other workouts is that it’s actually FUN! I enjoy walking, but I wouldn’t call it fun. I do NOT enjoy strength training and I would never call it fun (which I totally slacked on this week, but we won’t talk about that). So even on days when it’s nice outside and I just don’t have the motivation to get moving, Wii games work for me. And you know what else I noticed? I have better mobility in my shoulders when I’m consistently playing Wii games. So I’ll keep playing them. So, yeah, I do a lot of other activities, but the Wii still plays a major role in my weight loss.

So I had a good weigh-in today and last week, but remember, two weeks ago I had the worst weigh-in in the history of ever. IT ALL BALANCES OUT IN THE END. My average weekly weight loss since Dec. 15, 2010 is 1.4lbs. Even with June having a net loss of 0.6lb, even with a 6.6lb gain one week and a 2.2lb gain two weeks before that. Even with ALL the gains I’ve had, even with all the poor eating choices (read: binges), even with feeling unmotivated at times, even with AF and her evil antics, even with ALL of that, I have still lost over 40lbs. IT ALL BALANCES OUT IN THE END. Don’t give up on your journey or yourself. If a food addict and binge eater like me can stick to a plan and drop 40lbs, trust me, so can you. I am not lucky. This is not a fluke. I read something in another blog (Bitchcakes, maybe? I forget) that rings true to me: my success is the sum total of my choices. What you eat is a CHOICE. Whether or not you exercise is a CHOICE. The level of intensity of your exercise is a CHOICE. Quitting, falling off the bandwagon and staying off, using EXCUSES, just giving up? All CHOICES. Remember at all times that you are in control of whether or not YOU reach YOUR goal. You have time/money to watch TV and/or eat out? Then you have time to exercise and eat right. Make the CHOICES that will get you to your goal. Don’t give outside forces (job, family, friends, etc.) control over your life. YOU are the master of your fate!!!

So if you are off the bandwagon, GET BACK ON IT!!! Don’t let anything derail you from your goal. You are unstoppable! Just remember that time passes regardless of what you do with it. Make it count! Have a great week!!!