I took my measurements on July 2nd. Even though June was a bust on the scale, it was fine on the measuring tape. It’s the reminder that the scale is not the only measure of my success. At any rate, I left a total of 2.75 inches to stay in June forever. Here is the breakdown (NC = No Change):

Neck: 13 (NC)
Bust/Back: 34.5 (NC) 😦
Upper Arm: 12 (-0.5)
Wrist: 6.25 (-0.25)
Waist: 35 (-1)
Hips: 43.5 (-0.5)
Upper Thigh: 27 (-0.5)
Calf: 15.5 (NC)
Ankle: 9 (NC)

So I lost nothing off my back. Bummer. Actually, the bust-area back fat is pretty much gone. It’s not all gone, but the roll is gone. I only have one more roll of back fat and that’s in the middle of my back. Maybe I’ll start to measure that, between my bust and my waist. I think I will. It’ll get a separate post because Back Fat deserves it’s own entry. At any rate, I decided to look back at where I started in December. I have lost a total of 5.75 inches off my waist, 5.5 inches off my hips, and 5 inches off my back. I’ve lost a total of 30.5 inches overall. In December, I was a size 18 stuffing my denial-ridden self into 16’s. I’m now comfortably fitting into 14’s, but they are slightly too big (I can’t wear them without a belt). The 12’s are too tight and create a muffin top out of my belly. I was wearing a 1X and now I can fit into a L and some M. I may not get into my size 10’s by the end of the summer like I’d planned, but I’m damn sure still gonna try!