I decided to try something new and get some buffalo burgers from Whole Foods last week, Chipotle BBQ Buffalo Burgers. Googled and asked around to make sure they were clean to eat. I’ve heard of people eating buffalo, but I never thought I’d be eating it, so I never even wondered if it was kosher. Sure it kinda looks like a bull and might could be a big cow, but who knows anything about bison? (*enter HU grad here*) Anyway, I liked them. I could understand why an article I read described the meat as tasting sweet. It had a milder taste than lamb, but very similar to beef just . . . sweeter. Not sugary sweet, but sweet. I cooked them on my cast iron grill on top of the stove and they were really good! Same consistency as ground beef, same color as ground beef, felt the same in my mouth as ground beef. Better for you, more flavorful than beef (that could be because my pallet is used to beef/ground poultry, who knows), and are raised the exact way you imagine: grazing and roaming. You did picture them roaming, didn’t you? I did, on an uninhabited plain. When I think of buffalo, I think of Native Americans and empty space and land. To try to think of the roaming and grazing today? Mind-boggling, honestly, but appreciated. I’ve learned a lot about buffalo just from googling ‘buffalo health benefits’ and reading what I could find. I learned that it’s lower in cholesterol than even chicken! Who knew a red meat could do that?

It’s amazing where genocide will rear its ugly head. I knew the European settlers tried to kill off Native Americans with smallpox blankets. That’s what you always learn and hear about. I never knew that the US government used the killing of buffalo to aid in the killing of Native Americans. Or that they were just on a wild buffalo killing spree because there were so many. I always thought there were less buffalo because there was less land. Who knew? And people wonder why I refuse to fill out paperwork to get those grocery store savings cards. Listen up, people, call it a conspiracy, call it whatever you want, but you have to admit, getting a free card to save money is futile, stupid, and a waste of time and paperwork. Why not just mark the prices down, period? Why do you need to track exactly what I’M eating? Why do you need my address to give me a free discount? It’s just not logical and it doesn’t make sense. When I tell people this, they call me a crazy conspiracy theorist, but I have yet to get a reasonable justification for giving all of my personal information to track people’s eating habits. But here is history staring us in the face: THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT HAS ALREADY ATTACKED THE FOOD SOURCE OF ONE RACE OF PEOPLE IN ORDER TO “CIVILIZE” THEM. Why is it so hard to believe that they would do it again? *sigh* It’s so unfortunate this type of stuff has ever even happened to make people think it could happen again.

Anyway, back to me and buffalo. It wasn’t a fruit or vegetable, but it was a new food, so kudos to me! I might use ground buffalo the next time I make enchiladas or the first time I make empanadas. We’ll see how my body reacts to it for this first time. If all is good, I’m going to incorporate it into my diet. Maybe I’ll even try a buffalo steak. Marinated in A1 sauce then grilled. Yum!