I like the sound of that. I bet y’all are like, WTF is she on today? My mf’in period, that’s what. I’m in a piss poor mood, feel bloated as hell, have ZERO appetite, no desire to exercise (although I’m on break from the Wii, sulking because I lost in WiiSports Tennis. No more ankle weights on my wrists. Bad. Idea.), JUST FRIGGIN’ BLAH. Ok? The thing that stands out to me the most amidst all my feelings? ZERO appetite. So let me get this straight. Last week and the week before I couldn’t stop eating. Today AF shows up and I have to force myself to eat? Really? I wish I could say I knew if this was normal, but I honestly have no idea. The truth is, I’ve never wanted to zero in on it because I thought it was an excuse. Being on your period should not equate lack of self-control. Cravings? Yes. Really bad, kill an old lady for her cake cravings? Absolutely. Gain 6.6lbs in one week behavior? Hell naw! So I don’t really monitor AF’s ass while she’s here or preparing to arrive. Hell, I don’t feel like being bothered with her, period (no pun intended). But today I just feel SUPER FULL. I don’t think I normally feel like this. Normally I feel like any other woman during this time: agitated and annoyed. Other than cramps from hell and backaches, I don’t have any physical issues from AF. No tender boobs, no bloating, none of that. So to feel all bloated and full of fluid? My stomach just seems puffy or something. It’s just wrong. Fat and flabby? Yes. Puffy and swole? No. I decided to start blogging about this chick and her monthly visits. I’m going to pay attention to all the baggage she brings, binges included. I’m going to document it and learn from it. I’m going to go thru my weigh-ins to see what’s normally up around AF’s visit. If I can figure out just exactly what is about to happen every month, I can face AF and tell that bitch to BRING IT! The point is I’m going to learn to manage my lunar cycle against my weight loss. I’m going to learn all I can about my enemy and then I’m going to defeat that simple ass heffa. I’ve seriously had enough of her bullshit. She just makes me feel so AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

That felt good, even if it was lightweight silent (I might have growled a little bit in real life, but real low like). I’ve wanted to do that all day. I think I can stop blogging now.