I haven’t done a food blog in a minute, and maybe that’s part of my problem. Haven’t tried any new foods in a while or anything like that. So I’m starting back up today. I’ll try to post at least one food blog each week. Last night we had chicken & broccoli alfredo with spaghetti squash. It was yummy, but not altogether toddler approved. He wasn’t feeling the spaghetti squash, and honestly, neither was I (even though I ate all of mine). It was different than last time, too mushy and moist. Maybe I overcooked it? I don’t know. It didn’t feel the same in my mouth this time, and y’all know how I am about the consistency of food in my mouth. If it feels wrong, I won’t eat it. Maybe the squash was too big? It was considerably larger than the last one I bought, but they didn’t have any small ones. Whatever, it was a decent meal. Here are the pics.


I only used 7oz of chicken since the packet only made 2 servings of sauce. I used 2tsps of safflower oil so I can have one healthy oil with my serving (thanks, Keydra!). I seasoned the chicken with sea salt, italian seasoning, and garlic & herb seasoning. The sauce is made with 1 cup of milk and 1Tbsp of unsalted butter.

Chicken is cooking and squash is done. See the holes? You have to poke holes in it before you put it in the oven. Or you can slice it down the middle (lengthwise) and boil it, but that’s too much work. I used wooden skewers to make the holes. I put it in the oven an hour or so before I started cooking everything else. It takes an hour to an hour 45 minutes to cook.

Adding butter to the sauce. The recipe packet said to use 3Tbsp of butter. For TWO servings?! That’s 4.5 teaspoons of butter per person which is 5PP. Way too much butter. I only used 1Tbsp.

Cooked chicken (yes, it was as good as it looks):

Chopped up chicken:
chicken chopped

Chicken and sauce:
chkn sauce

Spaghetti squash w/ seeds (I wonder if I should have saved and baked the seeds as a snack?):

Spaghetti Squash strands (you can barely see cuz it was lightweight mushy):

Finished sauce:
finished sauce

Pretty Plate (with extra broccoli, cuz you can never have too much of your favorite veggie):

That is a salad plate. I tried to use the same amount of squash as I would pasta (2oz). I wouldn’t have wanted more than that anyway. The squash doesn’t really have a flavor. It pretty much absorbs the flavor of whatever you put on it. I might start saving that for Meatless Mondays. Speaking of, I’m not feeling it today. Today is Monique’s Meat-eating Monday. We’ll go back to meatless next week. I’m so tired of lentils and I don’t really want any salad today. I could have veggie stirfry, but I’m over that, too. Meat it is, although I have no idea what.

What are you having for dinner today?

So that’s that.