Today I weighed in at 190.6. I lost 1.8lbs this week for a total loss of 36.8lbs. I am 10lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight! Woohooooo!!!!! I was concerned about my weigh-in today because I had a rough week last week. Reuben was in rare form and that (along with a whole host of other stuff) had me really stressed out. There were two days that I didn’t track ANYTHING I ate, and what I ate wasn’t good. I just couldn’t stop eating. Not quite a full-fledged binge, but constant grazing with no thought as to how many points I had. I had two really good walks this past week, though. I walked 6 miles on Saturday and another 6 miles on Sunday. Actually, I walked more than 6 miles each day, but I don’t count the walking I did playing at playground or walking home from the playground. I took 22,554 steps and earned 16 activity points on Saturday. On Sunday, I took 24,512 steps and earned 18AP. That’s the highest amount of steps and AP I’ve ever earned! I’m going to up my daily walk/runs to 6 miles. It’s time to step up my exercise game. I’m going to be SERIOUS about strength training. SO SERIOUS, in fact, that I’m going to actually post some Before pictures. Yes, I’m going to show the world all my fat, flab, cellulite and cottage cheese. And I’m doing it to motivate me to actually be consistent in my strength training. Once that picture is public, it’s official that it’s only temporary. NO WAY I’m showing all my fat and then actually continuing to look like that. HELL NO!!!

Totally forgot to post last week’s blog, and I apologize about that! Last week (5/25/11) I weighed in and lost 3lbs! My week had started off really slow. I was not working out as hard as I needed to. I was overeating or just eating junk. I went out with friends on Friday night (5/20) and when it was all said and done, I’d consumed 90PP. That’s 60PP more than my daily allowance and I’d earned less than 10 activity points at that time. I knew I’d been slacking, but just couldn’t really get it in gear. The WW 5K kicked my ass right in gear! I earned 45 activity points over the week and still had 11 left over at the end of the week! Seems amazing, doesn’t it? I thought so, too, so I sat down and did the math. It’s not that I don’t trust WW, it’s just that I couldn’t believe how many points I’d consumed on Friday. The old me would not have tracked. The old me would have been thrown completely off task. The old me would have binged from Friday thru Tuesday. That was the OLD me. The new me tracked all 90PP. The new me stayed on plan the rest of the week. The new me reminded the old me that if I ended up gaining it wouldn’t be the end of the world. The new me told the old me to earn enough activity points to break even and have no change, neither gain nor loss. The new me is seriously surprising the shit outta me. But I am diggin’ this new me. I really am.

I am learning from past mistakes. I am remembering advice that I get from my WW support systems (meetings, FB, Twitter, and my friends) and putting it into action. I’m growing and I’m not giving up or giving in. I’m tailoring WW to my lifestyle. WW is teaching me portion control and how to generally make better choices. When I tell people it’s not a diet, I mean it. Let’s talk about the word ‘diet‘ for a minute, shall we? Take some time to look over the definitions of all the different parts of speech as well as the origin. The verb ‘to diet’ by restricting food intake to lose weight is almost in opposition to the origin of the word, ‘way of living.’ It even seems contradictory to the noun meaning habitual nourishment or what is regularly consumed. I like the nouns and not the verb. No one wants to be restricted. Children are a perfect example of that. Tell them not to do something, they do the exact opposite. The forbidden is always the most enticing. And restricting one’s diet always leads to the mentality that there are forbidden foods, “Oh, I can’t eat that, I’m on a diet.” This is what creates the slippery slope. The person that has this forbidden food mentality will immediately feel guilty after they eat the forbidden food (because you are going to eat what you love). That might make them eat more, or worse, give up.

Weight Watchers is a ‘diet’ in the truest sense of the word: it is a way of life. There are NO forbidden foods! And if there are, it’s because YOU chose to place them on the forbidden list. I have a list of forbidden foods, but those same foods may be totally safe with you. At the top of my forbidden list is McDonald’s Caramel Frappe. I want a large and it’s 19PP. I could totally use my weekly allowance points and get a frappe. The problem is that I know I won’t be able to have only 1 in a week. Once I have one, I’m going to want one EVERY day. That’s a battle I’m not willing to fight right now, so I’m just not going to have a McD’s Frappe; I’m going to try making one at home. So are you allowed to have frappes on WW? Absolutely. Am I going to have one? Nope. Unless I have to spend the day out in the hot sun, like a trip to the zoo. If I have to bake in the sun, I deserve a 19PP frosty beverage. Otherwise, no. However, if I have a rough week, I may spend 19PP on alcoholic beverages either in one day or over the course of the week. What I’m saying is WW gives me the flexibility to keep eating the foods I love, while giving me an easy way to “count calories.”

If you are reading my blog and thinking that you always give up on diets and can’t believe I’ve stuck with it this long? I understand. You will always give up on a diet. It’s impossible to give up on a lifestyle change. The changes that I’m making now (choosing fruit instead of cookies, eating more vegetables, exercising regularly, eating less fried foods, eating less processed foods, drinking more water, etc) are habits I absosmurfly intend to keep for the rest of my life. That’s why I’ve been able to stick to this for so long: I’m not doing anything that’s not sustainable. You have to choose what’s sustainable for you. I can say that if you truly stick to the guidelines of the program (weigh, measure, and track most everything that you eat, stay within your PointsPlus target, and exercise), WW works. You have to be honest with yourself where you fall short in anything, and WW is no different. You also have to know when to ask for help. Create a support network in real life or online, just make sure you have support. And make sure you plan! I will never forget a quote that I read in a cookbook, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Take time to plan your meals for the week. Make grocery lists and only buy the foods you need for the meals that you’ve planned (trust me, you will save money and throw away less food, especially produce). Plan your snacks. Pack your lunch the night before. Make it as easy as possible so that it won’t be a task for you to stick with it. THE most important thing is that you forgive yourself for whatever it is you think that you did wrong. You had a piece of cake and feel guilty about it? Forgive yourself and move on. Skipped your workout? Forgive yourself and move on. Gained weight this week? Forgive yourself and move on. Whatever you do, don’t give up. If you give up, you will always be exactly where you are now. My final bit of motivation is something I read in the June issue of fitness magazine. The quote is from a triathlete who is also a cancer survivor, Cynthia Gormezana. In regards to workouts that feel hard, she said, “I remind myself that I’d rather be here doing what I’m doing – even if I’m out of breath and my quads are burning – than face the alternative of not being here at all.” Word.