This entry has absolutely no topic. I blog so much about weight loss, thought I’d let you all see the totally random side of me.

WTF is up with the weather? I mean fuckin’ seriously? April showers are supposed to bring May showers. It rained all of April and the majority of May. WTF is that about? I’m SO over it! And yesterday I got caught in a frickin’ MONSOON! Seriously, I thought it was a tornado or something. Only to get home and have no power. It was all sorts of fucked up. BUT I had already cooked dinner, a pot of lentils, and they had been on the stove on low. Thank goodness we had a warm meal! The power was only out for about 6 hours, 4 of which we were sleep. Well, I wasn’t sleep. It was more of resting and intermittent nightmares. What can I say? I’m afraid of the dark. I was afraid to light candles while we were sleeping, so we slept in the dark. But my apartment is NEVER pitch black because I’m afraid of the dark, lol. You know what else? You never know how much noise your house makes until the power comes back ON. It was SILENT up in this piece, and I LOVED it! Anyway, I’m over the rain. June better be all sunny skies, for real. Trees down all over every damn where. Some people still don’t have power. I have a power-company conspiracy, but I’ll save it. Suffice it to say, I’ve seen more power outages in the last three years than I have in my lifetime. The storms haven’t gotten worse, either. It used to be it would be storming for a while, then the lights would go out. It wasn’t storming for FIVE minutes before the power went out. It’s awful screwy. I’m just sayin’. After the Enron scandal and Cali brownouts being tied to that madness . . . I’m just sayin’.

So today I was afraid to walk any damn where! The sun was out, then gone, then out again. I’m not fuckin’ around with Cincinnati’s bipolar ass weather. Not after yesterday, I’m just not. No. So instead of walking to Rasheeda’s Cafe (which has been the plan since last week), Zeke drove us up there. Y’all don’t know who Zeke is, do you? Zeke is Reuben’s dad! And y’all don’t know what Rasheeda’s is. Lemme tell you. Rasheeda’s is some of THE best eating in Cincinnati. The meats are halal, so I know I won’t get anything unclean. Awesomeness. And the food is just so damn GOOD!!! So I order our food (turkey fried rice is Tuesday’s special) and we drive up there. I haven’t been there in a few years, so I’d forgotten they give you cornbread! Normally, I would want no parts of this the night before weigh-in. My two sides were broccoli and fried corn. The broccoli had butter on it and the corn was fried, oil, hello. That shit was GOOD AS HELL! My goodness gracious, it was delicious. Of course, I shared my meal with Reuben because there is plenty food. He ate all my cornbread though. Since it’s my favorite food, I couldn’t even be mad. He get it from his mama! Plus, I ain’t need to be eatin’ no cornbread no way. I’m gonna exercise as soon as I’m done with this blog, though. Even though I am pretty tired. Why? I went to bed at 9pm. Eh, but my sleep was restless. Exercise, then shower, then sleep.

And for the record, it did NOT rain today. I coulda went for a walk! BOOOOOOOOOOOO! I hate Cincinnati.

It is 10:35pm and my son is in his room giggling. WTF is so funny? Go the fuck to sleep!

Like most of us, I was a Kool-Aid kid up until 2002 (my first bout with WW). I haven’t bought any since. Purplesaurus Rex was always my fave. When they stopped making it, I’d mix grape and lemonade Kool-Aid and was good to go. Lately I’ve been making iced tea and using Crystal Light lemonade to sweeten it. Yum! So one day it dawned on me that I could make Purplesaurus Rex with Crystal Light! WHY Crystal Light doesn’t have a grape flavor is beyond me, but Kroger brand does and I have some in the cabinet! I made a pitcher of Purplesaurus Rex and Y’ALL, *exhale*, it is de-fuckin’-licious!

It’s 10:37 and he is still giggling.

There is a lady who comes from a program called Every Child Succeeds to see Reuben and make sure he is meeting his developmental milestones. Normally I love when she comes because (1) Reuben loves her and (2) she reinforces my belief that my kid is smart. Every mother thinks her kid is the cat’s meow, so it’s nice to have a little validation from time to time. My baby is smart. But today, that’s not what she said to make me smile. She said, “Monique, you look GREAT! Seriously, you do! How much have you lost?!” Wearing clothes that actually fit helps a lot. She sees me every month, so she saw me about 7lbs ago. It’s just that now people are really starting to notice! And that makes me excited! Before she left she said it again! So Mommy got a little validation today! Woohooooo!!!

I had a rough week. I overdid it on the weekend. I ate (and drank, there was alcohol involved) 90PP on Friday. I’ve been in the hole with weekly points until today. After I enter my activity points tonight, I will no longer be in the red, and will actually have points left over. How about that?! When I first started the plan in December, had I consumed 90PP I would have (1) not tracked for the rest of the week and (2) ate whatever I wanted because I would’ve figured my week was already shot to hell. Today I learned something different: ONE day won’t necessarily fuck your week. I’m basing this all of my this morning’s weigh-in on the Wii (which had me down about 2lbs from last week) and hoping it translates into the same thing tomorrow morning. It doesn’t mean I can eat whatever I want as long as I work out. Not at all. But it does mean that if I go off plan foodwise and continue to exercise, I can possibly keep the scale from going up. That is just as much of a goal as getting the scale to go down. And you know what else? All my size 14’s still fit. So I had a 90PP day? So what? I enjoyed myself with my friends, we had a good night out, good food after good drinks? I needed that. We all do sometimes. That’s life, and that’s OK!

So it’s 11pm and I only have an hour to earn some activity points, so later gators! Until tomorrow…