went absosmurfly wonderfully!!!!! I lost 3.6lbs for a total weight loss of 32.4lbs! My weight? A cool 195! Making my BMI a smooth 29.6. Making me OVERWEIGHT!!! HAHAAA! I’M OVERWEIGHT!!! I seriously busted my ass last week. I felt like my weight was about to stall out or I was about to stall out. I didn’t want either of those things to happen, so I busted my ASS last week. Seriously. I danced my ass off (literally) on the Wii AND the weather had the nerve to cooperate with a sista?! It was a GREAT week! I had 77 activity points! 77! That’s the most activity points I’ve ever racked up in a week! And I didn’t touch one of them! I’m awesome!

Let’s go over the goals we set for last week, shall we? Let’s see what we did well and what we need to put on this week’s list of goals.

My BHAG was to get the hell away from obesity. CHECK (woofuckinhoo!)

1) my #7daychip. All I had to do was cook 7 different meals from 7 different parts of the world. I got to Day 5. Mother’s Day. And it all fell apart. Mother’s Day is hard for me because my mom is not here with me. I secretly hate Mother’s Day. I thought I’d like it once I became a mom, but honestly, I could totally do without it. It is the ONE thing I covet. Most things about other people’s lives I feel are best left in their life because you don’t know what kind of drama comes along with whatever it is that they have. What’s for you is for you. But it’s different with moms. I can covet having a mom because it’s MY mom. I don’t end up with drama; I end up with MY mom. I get jealous of other people and then I get mad at myself for getting jealous (because honestly, what kind of shit is that? I mean, really) and then I have these internal battles of LIFE’S NOT FAIR/get over it/WOE IS ME/get over it and it consumes me. And then I want to eat. I want to eat something that I know without a doubt will be yummy. Something familiar. Something comforting. And the options that were left on my list were none of those things. I tried to motivate myself to cook one of the meals, but I just wasn’t up for it. I didn’t want to cook at all. So we had quesadillas for dinner on Mother’s Day. No #7daychip for me. Not this time. Not yet. I will post the pics and the notes from the recipes I did try. Later.

2) 64oz of water a day? Only about 2 out of 7, I think. The rest of the days I got about 48oz. Happy face for WW etools, but it’s going on this week’s goal list. (and I’m doing about as bad or worse at the water this week. blah.)

3) No less than 30 minutes of activity, 6 days a week? CHECK!!!!! HELL YEAH! Even though this goal was met, it’s going on this week’s list. It’s ongoing. Until I up it to 45 minutes a day at least. But that’s a BHAG right now. *sigh* Confession: It’s such a cop-out. If I go walking, I walk for an hour. I usually will work out on the Wii for the same amount of time. But making my goal 30 minutes a day gives me leeway to fall back and still feel good about doing something. Typing that out? Showed me that’s bullshit. I deserve ONE HOUR every day. It’s an hour, for crying out loud. So the goal is no less than 60 minutes of activity, 6 days a week. The days that I do strength training, I’ll make up the time on the Wii. (And by the way? Having to call yourself out on your own bullshit? Just as angering as having someone else do it. I’m tapping the hell outta these keys as I type. Sad, sad state of reality.)

4) 2 days of strength training, no excuses? I did 1 day. Lower body. And so far none since I weighed in Wednesday. Sad. I like the strength training DVDs. And my motivation to do them is the realization that I’m only (LOL at “only”) 45lbs away from my goal. I have to tone up. I simply cannot end up a flabby mess. So I am going to continue doing these strength training DVDs until I can master exercises in my YAYOG book.

My weigh-in is now two days away, so no since in listing goals. I’ve already clocked 48 activity points this week. My goal is to end the week with 70AP. I could do it if I did Zumba today and tomorrow and nothing else. It’s raining (big fuckin’ surprise there), so it’s me, my Wii, and DVDs. So for today and tomorrow I will get in Zumba (45mins, 10AP), Step Aerobics (45mins, 10AP), strength training DVD, Just Dance 2, Michael Jackson The Experience, Walk It Out, and some WiiFitPlus games. That’s a pretty tall order, lol. But I’m going to have fun doing it. No sun until Thursday. Blah. WW Walk-!t Challenge is this Sunday, the 22nd. I won’t be running the whole thing. I’m not even sure I can run half. But I’m going to try running 3 minutes and walking 3 minutes. That will get me half. We’ll see.

I’m behind and I have drafts that need posting, so I’m about to bust all of those out. Have a great week!