Something has happened this past week. I’m not sure why or what it is, but I am seriously feelin’ ME. And I don’t mean me in the all inclusive sense of the word, I mean I am aesthetically feelin’ me. I look good! It’s like I went to sleep one night not seeing any real change in my body, then woke up one morning and noticed that I lost over 30 pounds. And liking it! Being able to walk a few days last week in the sunshine surely helped. My skin looked incredibly sunkissed! I felt beautifully bronzed. I like how I look in my clothes (for the most part, the ones that fit well).

Other people are noticing the weight loss! I ran into my neighbor yesterday (wearing clothes that actually fit) and he said, “Oh my goodness, are you losing weight?!” Yes, I am, thanks for noticing! That made my day! I had a good weekend all the way around. I had a friend visit me who I haven’t seen in a while. He said I looked great and “in good shape.” Now, I don’t know about the “good shape” part, but his compliments made me smile. Then the random compliments always help, too, even if they have nothing to do with weight loss. As I was going into my apartment building the other day, I cordially spoke to a man sitting in his car, I guess waiting to pick someone up. He spoke back then called after me, “You got pretty legs!” Thanks! *beaming* This is not a compliment I’ve never heard before; I’ve always had nice legs, even when I was skinny as hell. My legs are physically my best feature. So it’s not that I heard something new or even different. Still, hearing it seriously made my day that day.

I don’t look in the mirror and see a fat girl anymore. I see a woman whose body could use some improvement. I don’t see this disgustingly fat chick that I used to see. The chick whose body I was completely ashamed of and didn’t want anyone to see. Mentally, that girl has been gone for a while now. But I just noticed she left physically, as well. I can’t walk past my reflection without marveling. That’s ME? MY body?! It has a nice shape! I like it! And guess what else?! I’m starting to get some muscle definition! It’s SO small and SO subtle, but it’s there. This little, bitty dip in the flesh of my arm. I think I may have a bicep. Remember how I felt my shoulders look different? They are totally different! They have a shape! Before they were just covered in fat, but now that fat is melting away and I you can actually see my shoulders. I never even knew they were missing until now! Last time I lost weight, I remember being excited about being able to see my collar bone. I’m about 15-20 pounds heavier than I was then, and I don’t remember my shoulders making an appearance that time. But I’m glad that they did this time. I am in love with them! Totally my new favorite body part, but y’all knew that already.

I feel sexy in a way that I haven’t in quite some time. Yeah, I do. Even though I’m not at my goal weight, I’m pretty sure I just brought sexy back! I AM LOVING THIS JOURNEY!!!!!