As you know, I made it through Day 4 and that was it. Here is the short of dinners 2, 3, and 4.

The tortillas were a success, but frying them was a FAIL. This is not something I will try again, I’ll tell you what (in my Hank Hill voice)! Ok, first of all, I don’t eat soft corn tortillas. I’m a flour tortilla type of girl (whole wheat, low carb flour tortilla). But I will eat a hard taco from time to time. Tonight was going to be one of those times. Here’s the thing, though: I don’t fry very much anymore. And when I see greasy stuff, I get grossed out. I’m not sure when this started. Let’s be clear: I was raised on lard and Crisco shortening. Do they even still sell shortening? We would keep the cans (coffee cans, too) to keep different types of grease in. But (and this is totally random) you know what we never put in a can? Bacon grease. WTF kinda shit is that?! I see recipes for that and I’m like, people save bacon grease?!? WTF for? It makes its own grease. You save fish grease because you’re going to fry fish again. WTF you need with extra bacon grease? That’s just artery clogging on a whole ‘nother lever, right there. Anyway, my upbringing. We used to have HUGE tubs of lard. Like, you could use it for a kitchen trash can after it was empty. Literally a TUB O’ LARD. So I haven’t always been grossed out by grease. This is some new shit. I was RAISED on all things greasy. We ain’t bake shit but turkey, rolls, cornbread, and desserts. So imagine my surprise when I found myself grossed out at the tortilla frying in the oil. It just looked . . . bad. I don’t know WTF I was trying to do, but I failed miserably and we ate the tortillas soft. Luckily I’d also bought some flour tortillas, just in case.

The Greek Tilapia Burgers? Eh, they were alright. They would have been much better had I had a bun and actually made some cucumber sauce. I just didn’t feel like it. I ended up doing something totally stereotypical: I put hot sauce on it. Yup, Frank’s Red Hot. That stuff makes anything taste good. I might make them again, I might not. Prolly not.

The Moroccan Meatballs and couscous? Delicious! I froze the rest of the meatballs (only ate one serving) to be used in other recipes. I also didn’t put any veggies in my couscous. Sue me.

What did I learn with this attempt at cooking 7 dinners in 7 days? I need at least one day where I don’t cook. There needs to be at least one day that we eat leftovers. I simply cannot cook every single day. And that’s OK. I also made my own Greek and Moroccan seasoning blends! And I ground my own allspice. Lots of new stuff last week!

Here are some pics. Sorry, there won’t be any commentary, but hey, at least you have some pics to look at. 🙂

Tacos (w/ ground turkey breast)

taco ingredients
mixing dough
dough ball
turkey taco meat
4 dough balls
ready to smash
not thin enough
rolling pin needed
flat enough
warm on griddle
all done
trying to fry hard
end product

Greek Tilapia Burgers

recipe pic
all mixed up
breaded and on griddle
up close and personal
nice and browned
all done 2

Moroccan Meatballs w/ Couscous

spice ingredients
mise en place
grinding allspice
ground allspice
spice blend
mixed with evoo
chopped onion
ready to mix meat
meatball pyramid
meatball 'mid
cooking balls
almost done
all done