I lost 0.4lb for a total of 28.8lbs down. At first I was a little disappointed. But the truth is the scale only reflects my efforts for the week. Sure, I stayed within my points. I ended the week with 3 Weekly Allowance Points and 36 Activity Points. It was really just OK. I should never have less than 42AP for the week. I did the bare minimum to scrape by and it shows. Not to mention the other factors at work: AF and my past weeks. I have lost 8lbs over the past four weeks, with one week being a -4lb loss. 4lbs one week, 2.2lbs the next, then 1.4 after that. So between me being lightweight lazy (because of AF) and three weeks of good losses, I was bound to have a little loss. And the fact that I have lost with AF here? Nothing short of a miracle! So, yes, I’ll take it!

I am at 198.6. Still obese, but not by much, doggone it! My BHAG for the week is to get the hell away from obesity for good!!! Here are some more:

1) earn my #7daychip by cooking 7 meals from 7 different parts of the world this week
2) drink 64oz of water each day
3) No less than 30 minutes of activity, 6 days this week
4) 2 days of strength training NO EXCUSES

In other news, the WW Walk-it 5K is a mere 18 days away. My goal of running the whole thing is slipping from my reach. I am still committed to running as much of it as I can. I don’t have a gym membership, so I can only train when the weather allows. I take Reuben with me on my walk/runs, so I can’t be out running in the rain or even when it’s cold and/or windy. If he were running with me and raising his body temp, I wouldn’t even mind. But he’d just be sitting in his stroller with the cold air blowing on him as I pushed him. I can’t do it. But I’m looking forward to it, I really am! My friend, Keydra, is coming down to do the race with me. We’re gonna wear the Wii OUT while she’s here! I can’t wait!

Here’s to a week full of activity, lots of water, delicious dinners, and my first #7daychip! What are you doing with YOUR week?