I was so excited to take my measurements today! I left 2.75 inches in April and there they will stay! Here’s how the breakdown (NC means there was No Change):

Neck: 13.5 (NC)
Bust: 35 (-1)
Upper Arm: 12.5 (-0.5)
Wrist: 6.5 (NC)
Waist: 36.5 (-0.5)
Hips: 45 (-1)
Upper Thigh: 28.25 (+0.25, WTF?)
Calf: 15.5 (NC)
Ankle: 9 (NC)

That thigh measurement is really messing with me. I already did each measurement twice, so there’s no sense in doing it again. I have been studying my naked body lately, my thighs especially. Here’s what I think happened. I think that I lost some fat in my thighs (I had to in order for my hips to go down) and that caused some of the remaining fat to re-appropriate itself. They do look different, but they don’t look all that smaller. Just different. I guess different is good. What I especially don’t want is to simply look like a smaller version of my former self. So my thighs looking fatly different is fine with me. I just don’t appreciate the quarter-of-an-inch gain in a problem spot area. Either I took the measurement in the wrong place last time or the fat re-appropriated itself. Whatever. Moving on.

I’m happy with how many inches I’ve lost. I have lost 18 inches over 5 months; that’s an average of 3.6 inches a month. I’m totally happy with that! I’m happiest with my bust measurement, which is really my back because I take the measurement under the girls. I’ve lost a total of 4.5 inches off of my back. Back fat be gone!!!

I’m in a weird in between stage right now. My size 16 stuff is all slightly too big and most of my size 14 stuff is still too tight. *sigh* May is my month! I have three more weeks until the WW Walk-!t Challenge. I’m going to try to go hard in these next three weeks as far as training goes. As of today, the showers are supposed to be replaced with flowers, so the weather should not inhibit me. I will be diligent with my strength training!!! If I want my body to look different, I need to take the necessary actions to make it so. Dreams don’t create muscles. Action creates muscle and muscle burns fat. If I want to look lean, I need to build some muscle! If I want to get rid of these flabby arms, I need to build some muscle! If I want a sexy back (and I soooooo want a sexy back), I need to build some muscle. And I need to be serious about it. Because this right here? This is a serious matter!!!

I just realized that I didn’t weigh in this morning. I would hate to get on there today after drinking last night and eating today only to hear her say “That’s obese!” Whatever, I need to see what it says! Off to the scale, then to prepare dinner. I haven’t played my Gold’s Gym games in QUITE some time. I think I’ll give those a go today!

April was awesome. I was blessed to turn 37 years old. I hit my 10% and my 25lb lost goals (each for the second time) in April. I got into ONEderland in April. I left 5.8 pounds and 2.75 inches in the month of April. And tentatively (we’ll see what says the Wii) left obesity in April. Yeah, pretty awesome. Almost makes up for all the fuckin’ rain.