(*In my very best Elle Woods voice*) ME!!!!!

I get up this morning after being able to sleep in for the first time in a long time and it was wonderful. I pull out the balance board and get ready to weigh in. I am expecting my BMI to be 30.25 or something like that. My weight has held pretty steady since Wednesday at 199. I haven’t done horrible with my points, but I also haven’t gotten any real hard activity. I’m earning activity points simply by moving all day, but I haven’t really broken a sweat this week. So I’m expecting her same response, “That’s obese!” Today that chick surprised me with

mii bmi

“That’s overweight!” I was like, wait, what?!?!? Wh-wh-whaaaaaaat??? I look at the screen and see my BMI is 29.94. THAT’S UNDER 30!!!! SHE’S RIGHT! I’M OVERWEIGHT!!!!! I was so excited I ran for the phone to take a pic, LOL! After taking that pic, I advanced to the next screen to see what my weight actually was.

weight mii

Down a pound and a half, huh? I can never really trust what the scale says in the middle of the week. Yet even though I know this, I can’t help but to be super excited about this! AUNT FLO IS HERE RIGHT NOW!!! I should be retaining water or something! The scale does NOT go down when this heffa is in town! Wow, that rhymed! CALL DR. DRE! Ok, ok, lemme get focused. Hold on. Ok, I think I got myself together, now. The point is I think this is real. I can’t see the scale going up four days from now when AF is here now. Being in ONEderland has me super tuned to my weight. It even shows on the Wii. See, look.

wii april calendar

The pink stars show days I weighed in and/or did a body test. You see how sporadic the month is? You see I weigh in every Wednesday because I want to know what the scale at WW is going to say before I get there. My balance board is accurate to 0.1-0.2lb. But beyond that, there is no rhyme or reason until it was time to hit ONEderland. I got on every day leading up to my last weigh-in and I have gotten on every day after. Why so diligent this time? I’m not trying to be 200lbs again. EVER. It’s even changed my self-talk. I haven’t heard from Jigsaw this week. Every single time I want to have a party in my tummy (so yummy, so yummy), I remind myself that if I go crazy, I’ll be 200+lbs again come Wednesday. Welp, that’s simply not a an option. COOL. ON. THAT. And after this morning? I’ll be saying, “Yeah, you eat that shit, you’ll be obese in the morning.” Best. Motivation. Ever.

So now I’m out of the orange Obese area and into the peach Overweight area.

wii weight graph

Nice! As you can see, I actually set my goal for 196.9 because I wanted to be solidly overweight before I celebrated. Eh, so much for that, lol. I think the top of my healthy weight range is 164. That’s 35lbs from now (using my official WW weigh-in, not today’s weight). If I keep losing at the rate I’m losing, that will put me at the end of August. I really need to get on my strength training game, or I’m going to be a flabby mess.

Seeing a 1 as the first number of my weight is such a high! And I know it’s all mental, but I think I actually look smaller! I tried on my goal jeans. I have a pair of GAP jeans (100% cotton, no spandex, no stretch) that were my favorite jeans when I could fit them. I was actually sad when they got too big. I’m SO glad I didn’t get rid of them because I’m totally looking forward to fitting in them again! Last time I tried them on, I couldn’t even button them. My cyberfriend unctoothlady was having success at smaller clothes so I thought I’d try on my goal jeans. Y’ALL!!! I buttoned them mugs all the way up (they are button-fly)! Let’s be clear, though, I couldn’t wear them out of the house. They are not comfortably buttoned, although I did wear them around the house for about 30 minutes, lol. I was too pumped! But they create a muffin top and I don’t do the MT look. So I decided to try on a pair of size 14’s that did have spandex/stretch. They fit! Y’all know what I been tryin’ to do? I have been wearing some 16’s using a belt that’s probably an 18 and putting new holes in it. So far I have 2 extra holes, and it needs a third. I thought I needed a new belt; I need new jeans. Ok, and a new belt. So I have to go through my closet and set aside clothes I will no longer be wearing and take out clothes I haven’t worn since before I got pregnant. HAHA!!!!! How fuckin’ nice is that?

Tomorrow is the first of the month (cue Bone Thugz-n-Harmony) so you know what that means? Tales from the Tape! And I can’t wait! I think I lost some serious inches this month. I lost 5.8lbs this month and for me that’s excellent! I’m sure the measuring tape is gonna tell me somethin’ good!

The sun is shining today for the first time in I don’t know how long. It’s going to be exceptionally warm (77), so we’re going walking/running and hopefully to the playground. I hope that by the time we go the ground will be dry so he can play on The Slide. And we can blow some bubbles. Mommy is going to get some serious hugs and kisses today! 🙂 While he’s napping I’m going to do that strength training video that I did weeks ago (and haven’t done since) and play some wii fit plus games. I’m going to try to get as much activity as I can today since I’m going out tonight. I’m planning on drinking 2 rum and diet cokes. I’m going to track them before I even eat dinner. I’ll likely have lentils because they are easy and can cook while we walk/run.

I feel good about myself! I’m sticking to this and not giving up. Even though I’m DAYS behind on my WW Walk-!t Challenge training, I’m still training. And I will continue to train as much as I can. I will run as much as I can come race day. I’m so happy with my progress, I really am. What I’m happiest with the most is that I haven’t really had to change that much. Honest. I watch chefs put heaps of butter into things and I think, my goodness gracious, how does the blood even have space to flow through her arteries?! I won’t even watch Paula Dean. Her food looks so good when it’s being made, I feel like I’ll have a coronary just watching. But I saw a video of Julia Child and she mentioned how afraid people were of food and how we need to learn how to simply enjoy food in moderation. I found some quotes in this article.

She calls them “food terrorists.” And she is on a year-long tour crisscrossing the nation to remind Americans that food and wine can be a source of sheer, innocent joy. “I’m tremendously concerned about these extremists. That’s what they are you know,” Child says in a voice familiar to television viewers since 1962. “Because if they succeed, we’ll not have anything left to eat . . . We must be able to make some sense out of the health issues so that people can calm down and enjoy food again,” Child says.

I totally agree. I eat pretty much the same foods I always have, but I eat less of them or I eat them less frequently. There are still ways that I want to tweak my diet (still adding more vegetables, trying different grains, making an effort eat clean, etc), but for the most part I believe that I can eat the way that I’m eating now for the rest of my life. I think maintenance will be hard for me because I’m going to have to maintain an active life. That’s the part that is not a complete habit yet. Walking and other types of cardio? Yes. Strength training and building muscle? No.

I’m basically learning to love me and all my short-comings during this journey. I haven’t given up on anything. I may stop doing it, but eventually, I’m back to it, like this strength training. I’m liking this new chick I’m becoming. I’m liking her a lot.