Weigh-in Wednesday went WONDERFULLY!!! I lost 1.4lbs this past week for a total of 28.4lbs down! WootWooooooot!! The absolute best part about it? My weight. 199. You see it?! You see the ONE! YESSSSSSS! I am in ONEderland!!! Yes, I am, yes, I am!!! And honestly, I couldn’t be more thrilled! Here’s how it went.

I get there and get Reuben situated. As situated as you can get a two-year old who keeps saying (in a regular voice, not a whisper), “I’m hungry, Mommy! I want somethin’ to eat-eat. I wanna snack!” Over and over and over. I give him a WW lemon somethin’ or ‘nother that they passed out last week. Then I go to the scale. I start to take off my clothes (I wore jeans and a sweatshirt over my weigh-in outfit) and my pedometer. And my bluetooth. Everything comes off. I step on the scale and I’m nervous. I just want to know already. The receptionist (I go to the same one every week, and I can’t remember her name) says, “You lost again.” I’m holding my breath to see what she’s going to say next. And then came the magic words, “You’re not two hundred pounds anymore. You’re 199 exactly.” OH JOY!!! I jumped in the air a little bit, shrieked a little bit, laughed a little bit, and said, “YES!” I couldn’t wait to take a picture of my weigh in sticker:

weigh in sticker

and text it to my friends, then tweet all of my good news! But I couldn’t. Not until I got into the car after the meeting. And you already know why: Rambunctious Reuben. I packed books in his bookbag. This time I purposefully did not put any books that had just letters or ABC’s. After his almost meltdown about a snack (I swear his life revolves around snacks and The Slide), he is about to read one of his books when he sees the lady next to me has a letter in her hand. Yes, you heard me. A LETTER. What are the fuckin’ odds? It was the letter P. One of those foam puzzle-type letter. You know, you can push the P out of the square and then push the little half-circle out of the P? If you don’t have kids, you probably have no idea what I’m talkin’ about, so don’t even worry about it. He reaches for it and she gives it to him (did not ask May I Have or anything, just straight Deboed her letter P. If you don’t know who Debo is, see here, THERE IS PROFANITY!! Skip to 1:13 if in a hurry, otherwise enjoy the whole clip. 20 years later and it is STILL funny as hell). After that, I had to lightweight entertain him, “Mommy! This is my favorite letter, Mommy, the letter P! This my favorite letter, Mommy! Mommy! I like this letter, the letter P!” Then he notices that the lady next to her also had a letter and he took her letter, too.

I believe the leader (Eileen) was asking people to give examples of go-to foods or recipes that started with whatever letter they got. I don’t know, all I know is by the end of the meeting, Reuben had collected about 4 letters and popped them all out of their squares. He was running back and forth saying the letter and it’s phonetic sound. I was pretty relaxed throughout the whole thing. No one looked annoyed. Everyone smiled and they weren’t fake smiles. Eileen made my week last week, and she’s the reason that I will now stay at the meeting with Reuben. She said to me, “Monique, he is so well behaved!” I looked at her like she was 14-karat crazy. “You can’t be serious. He’s all over the place!” She said, “Well, he’s not climbing the walls, is he?” She had me there. I could have hugged her (but I don’t know how she feels about personal space). And the receptionists ALWAYS give him paper and a marker or stickers; they love him. One of them even plays with him after the meeting. I LOVE my WW center, my leader, and the ladies who work there. I am blessed to be a part of such a special group of people. One day I will get pictures of everyone and share on the blog.

Let me tell you, ONEderland feels damn good! IT FEELS GOOD! It feels good to have stuck it out all this time. Feels great. And you know what else? It’s one HELL of a motivator. I don’t want to overeat or not get enough activity in because I don’t want to gain ANY weight. I have ZERO intention of being 200lbs again. EVER. So if that means I had to skip Baskin Robbins tonight? So be it. I had a half a cup of frozen yogurt and enjoyed it in the privacy of my own home. No gas wasted. No points wasted.

I’ve been doing really well with my water intake. I get no less than 32oz a day and so far the most I’ve drank in a day was 64oz. That’s major for me. Major. I had two days last week where my snacking got out of control. I ate an entire bag of blue corn tortilla chips and half of a large jar of salsa con queso. Totally wiped out my Weekly Allowance Points and forced me to stay within my points for the second half of my week. I ended up using 2 of my activity points last night, but that still left me with 40 for the week and it all worked out to my good, so WOOWHOOOOOOO!!!

My goals for this week:

1) Up intake of water
2) Strength training twice a week
3) Cook dinner every day
4) Try two new recipes
5) BHAG: lose 2.1lbs so I can be solidly overweight and no longer obese.

Here’s to a GREAT week!!!