I got on my Wii this morning and it weighed me in at 198.8. It is usually only 0.2 off from the WW scale, but I’m still scared to even get excited about that number. I have a day and a half left to get through before my weigh-in on Wednesday morning. I know I won’t overeat (I’m done with my mini-snack binge. I’ll tell you about it later.), but I have no idea how what I did earlier in the week will effect the next two days. You just never know. Right now I can only keep doing what I need to do to make that scale go down. Must. Get. To. ONEderland!

Why is ONEderland so important to me? Because my weight is not supposed to start with a 2. Once it’s starts with a 1 I’ll feel like my goal is that much more attainable. It doesn’t matter if you weigh 200lbs or 299lbs, when you know your healthy weight is in the 100’s somewhere, that 2 in the front makes it daunting, like you’ll never reach it. I have been at two-oh-something since 3/2/11. That’s all of March and almost all of April. It seems like forever since that second number was a zero. If I hadn’t had those gains, I’d be in ONEderland by now. Whatever, can’t even focus on that right now, water under the bridge. ANYWAY, if my weight starts with a 1 and my healthy weight starts with a 1, then I’m in the ballpark. It’s all mental because if I only lose half a pound this week, it’s really just a difference of half a pound. But for me, to be at 199.9 instead of 200.4? And be in ONEderland? To quote an old rap song, there is no competition!

Wait, no, that’s not true. There is a little competition. 197 is really my next goal. Yes, I want to be in ONEderland, but 197 is my real goal right now. Why 197? What’s so special about 197 when it’s still 47 pounds away from my goal? Well, when I reach 197 I will be OVERWEIGHT!!! YES!!! And I plan on celebrating that in my WW meeting the day that I meet my goal! In 3.4 short pounds (lol, that will likely take 4 weeks to lose), I will be waving buh-bye to OBESITY. Later! Two fangas! DEUCES!!!! It’s also a milestone in my weight loss journey and I just noticed that. At 197, you will have WatchedMiiLose THIRTY POUNDS! OhHoHo!!!YES! So yes, I will most certainly be celebrating simply being overweight. I hate the word ‘obese.’ And I hate it even more when the Wii Balance Board says, “Oh! That’s obese!” My friend heard it and was like, “I can’t believe it says that.” Yeah, neither did I, but believe it. I can’t wait to hear how she sounds when she says, “That’s overweight!”

So here’s to ONEderland and being Overweight. It’s all about the O’s!