That’s what WW calls it. Chef John at Food Wishes calls it Chicken Piccata. Or maybe it’s just called Chicken Piccata and I’ve just never heard of it. At any rate, I call it Lemon Caper Chicken and it’s what we had for dinner tonight. It wasn’t bad. Since I linked the recipe, I won’t include it here. I will say that I didn’t follow the recipe exactly. Big surprise, huh? Yeah, I simply couldn’t imagine dredging chicken in flour and frying it (sauteing, whatever) in (on?) cooking spray. What?! No, I added 1Tbsp of EVOO (1PP) and 1Tbsp of unsalted butter (3PP) to my hot LC braiser. I don’t use black pepper (I heard it doesn’t digest well and just sits in your colon). I also seasoned my chicken thighs with onion powder and garlic powder and let them sit in a glass bowl for a little bit. I would have used a little kosher salt, but I wasn’t sure how salty the capers would be since I’d never had them before. Hey! They can count as a new food for this week! I didn’t even think of that. As you’ll see by the pictures I cooked my green beans with the chicken, a one pot meal. Yes, I braised it. I couldn’t imagine doing what the recipe said and just letting the chicken sit in the sauce for three minutes and only 30 seconds with the lemon juice and capers! 30 seconds for the ingredients that are supposed to add the most taste? 30 seconds? In the words of Public Enemy, can’t trust it. So after deglazing the pan and putting the chicken back in, I added the lemon juice and capers. Then I added the green beans and put it in the oven for 30 minutes. Then I took the chicken and green beans out while I reduced the sauce a little bit; it was too watery for my tastes.

My meal turned out to be 9PP per serving. I’m totally OK with that for a whole meal. This may be the first time in my life that I’ve ever eaten a meal without a carb. At first I was going to make rice or something, but I couldn’t think of anything that would go with this, so I made nothing. It honestly wasn’t that bad; I didn’t miss the carb. It was fairly tasty and it is 100% toddler approved! I really like being able to fry the chicken in such a small amount of oil. I’m going to try pounding my chicken breasts really thin to be able to do this more often. Fried chicken with less fat? WINNING!

Tomorrow I’m thinking chicken vegetable stir fry. Broccoli, snap peas, mushrooms, green & red peppers, red onion, ginger, garlic, and bean sprouts. And some Tyson chicken strips. Maybe I’ll try to be fancy and make a sauce out of peanut butter, soy sauce, and hoisin sauce. Maybe. I just thought of something: did I get the right kind of peas? My friend’s mom made this stir fry that was really good and it had either snap peas or snow peas in it. I think it was snap peas, but now I’m not sure. See, trying something new and might have gotten the wrong thing. Whatever, I’m sure they were snap peas.

Random thought: I wonder how many points lo mein is and if I can make it at home and make it taste like the restaurant. I *might* go buy some lo mein noodles tomorrow to go with my stir fry. You know what, I think I will! I wonder if they make them in whole wheat?

Sorry! I’ve gotten totally off topic. Here are the pics from tonight’s dinner:



Ready to braise (WW Weekly trying to sneak a cameo apperance):

Don’t forget the green beans! I remembered to put them on top this time.
green beans

Out of the oven:
all done

Reducing the sauce:

Ready to eat (I use a salad plate most days to make me think I have more than I do)! I spooned sauce over the chicken and the green beans. The sauce is the best part! Yum!