Yes, it all balances out. A WW leader told me this years ago (circa 2002), but I didn’t really understand until now. See, this is my first time doing WW as a paid member. The last time (circa 2006), I paid for 12 weeks, then did it on my own at home by simply following the program, tracking my food, and walking. I didn’t really weigh myself every week. There were times I didn’t weigh myself for months (not because I didn’t want to, but because I kept forgetting to buy a battery for the scale), so I didn’t really understand this whole balance thing. I didn’t really see the week-to-week over any long-term period. Not like now; it’s like I live week to week. I literally know exactly where I am within my Wednesday-thru-Tuesday week. Everything depends on how many days I have left to use my Weekly Allowance Points. I have been agonizing (well not really, but you know what I mean) over little gains here and there. So focused on whatever my goal is for that week, I’m missing the journey. And what I’ve learned is that it really does all balance out in the end.

Weight Watchers says you will lose 1-2lbs per week on the program. So people join and they are excited the first few weeks because they are having good 3-5lb losses. Then the losses get smaller. Bummer. Then the unexpected happens. The unspeakable – you GAIN! Nobody said anything about gains, now, did they? You have forgotten about the fact that you may be losing inches. You’ve forgotten about how good you feel. You forgot that your clothes feel looser. All you know is you actually GAINED and now you want to give up. Is this you? Does it sound like I’m talking directly to you? If so, then I want you to listen to me in the way that I didn’t listen to the WW leader when she said it: It all balances out. Did you hear me? I said, IT ALL BALANCES OUT!

Out of 18 weeks (I don’t count week 1 since that’s the initial weigh-in), I’ve only had 5 gains. Five. About 28% of the time I had gains. That means 72% of the time I lost weight. Now when you think about it like that, you see how success is imminent, right? I am not going to be successful at this 100% of the time and neither are you. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad if you are losing at a slower rate than them. IT ALL BALANCES OUT!!! Let’s say you are losing at a success rate of 65% and your high-ass-metabolism girlfriend is losing at a rate of 100%. You know what’s going to happen? She’s going to reach goal before you. You know what else is going to happen? YOU WILL STILL REACH YOUR GOAL! So big whoop if you are losing a little slow. You are still losing. And for the record, my average weekly loss from Week 1 until now is 1.5lbs per week. So yes, I had 5 gains, and even still, I’m still on track. WW Works!!!

And let me tell you something else: YOU ARE NOT MEANT TO BE FAT!!! That is BULLSHIT! Period. I hate to hear people say that. It’s simply not true. What it is, is a cop-out. You want to give up because it’s not as easy as you thought it would be. You thought it would be easy, and since it’s not, you feel like maybe you shouldn’t even be trying in the first place. COP-OUT! The Almighty Yah is perfect enough to create life, give that life ability to create life, and then the ability sustain it once it’s here with nothing more than its body. PERFECTION. A Creator that perfect did not mean for you to be imperfect. And this imperfection is not aesthetic. I’m talking about imperfect on your inside: your health risks. You can be fine with how you look all day long, and that’s OK, but you couldn’t possibly be OK with the risk of getting diabetes or heart disease. You couldn’t be. And if you are, you shouldn’t be.

If you give up now, because you think it’s too hard, or you are upset about gaining, or you just think you are destined to be fat? You will ALWAYS be fat and you will NEVER reach your goal. And that’s with anything, not just weight loss. See it through to the end. That’s what I’m going to do.