So I’ve been getting on the Wii pretty consistently this week to exercise and weigh myself. A few days ago, I was down to 200.6 and hoped beyond hope it would stay that way and I could lose just a *wee* bit more to get into ONEderland. Now I’m back to 201.something, the exact weight I was (according to the Wii) last Wednesday. If that stays the same, that means the scale won’t go down tomorrow and that is just NOT acceptable to me. So instead of whining about it, I came to journal it all out.

*cue Usher: These Are My Confessions*

I ordered 6 cupcakes for my birthday. I was only supposed to eat ONE cupcake. Over the course of this week, I ate FOUR cupcakes and an entire half gallon of frozen yogurt. I tracked everything, though. I drank 4 small bottles of Moscato this week. I had two mixed drinks with Parrot Bay rum (one with juice and one with Crystal Light). The snacking actually wasn’t bad until last night. I used the last of my Weekly Allowance Points last night, so today I have to stay within my points. I *never* use my Activity Points. The week that I did I think I gained or I lost less than a pound, neither of which I want to see tomorrow on that scale. I WANT MY 25LB CHARM!!! Although I stayed within my points, my eating habits were horrible. I skipped breakfast every day this week except today. I have been hoarding my points to use later in the day when I know my cravings hit. And so that I can eat more. I think it wreaked havoc on my metabolism. I am going to be diligent about eating more smaller meals throughout the day. I got a little bit better with my water. I’m up to drinking 32oz of pure water in addition to the rest of my liquids. My exercise was only OK. I did not do all of my 5K training, but I did try to get in activity daily. This was actually a pretty bad week as far as activity goes. Right now I only have 37AP. So already I know that (1) I need to get back on my running game and (2) I need to be diligent about my activity. I really just wanted to rest and veg out this week. I mean, it WAS my birthday. I didn’t get a break from being a Mom, I’ve been on duty pretty much 24/7, including my birthday. So I escaped the best way I know how: doing nothing. And I realize that 37AP is not too shabby, but still, I just feel like I could have done more. I know I could have done more.

So today is my last chance workout. Here’s what’s on the list:

1) Walking around the grocery store
2) Integrated Strength Training (45 minutes, 3AP)
3) Totally Cool Step (20 minutes, 5AP)
4) Just Dance 2 (30 minutes, 3AP)

Eating-wise, I think I’m going to try to eat as light as I can today. I already know I’m having tilapia for dinner since that’s the lightest thing I can think to eat. I was going to go meatless today, but I’m not really feeling that right now. Well, I don’t know. I think I’m going to make another pot of lentils (NO meat this time) to freeze in portions, so it may be a meatless day after all.

*sigh* I just want the scale to go down. And it’s something that’s totally within my control. I get out of this what I put into it. So I gotta make it happen!