I lost 4lbs this week!!! WOOWHOOOOOO!!!!! I’ve lost a total of 24.8lbs. Can you believe that?! It’s cool, though, because I’m sure I’ll get my 25lb charm for my 10% key chain next week. Remember, I’m committed to the scale going down EVERY week between now and May 22nd. I’m very pleased with my progress this past week and thus far on the program. I watched my eating as far as staying within my points as much as I could. I used my weekly allowance points mostly at the end of my week. And I got some activity in every day this week! There were three days I got less than 10K steps: two days I got 9K and one day I got 4K. My highest was a little over 14K. I earned 50AP according to my PP pedometer. I did a lot of walking and I did a couple of days of alternating with running, too. I danced A LOT (just listening to Pandora) and even did my first strength training DVD (streamed instantly from Netflix through my Wii, I love it) which had me DRENCHED in sweat. It is the first time my entire body, including my legs, was covered in sweat. It was more than toning; it’s a cardio workout, too. At least it was for me. Try it out!

So tomorrow (4/14) is my birthday. I’ve already ordered my cupcakes. I’m only eating one and I’ll be giving one to Reuben, one to his dad, and the other three to friends. One large cupcake with buttercreme frosting. I. Can’t. Wait!!! I went to lunch today with my son’s grandmother. We went to O’Charley’s and I ordered a meal with less than 500 calories that worked out to be 12PP. I figured that was less than a WW meal at Applebee’s by 3PP, so I could have a yeast roll! *AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH* I actually had a 1.5 yeast rolls (5PP) so my lunch was only 17PP. Not bad for a meal that I didn’t plan. Tomorrow I’m going to dinner with Reuben and his dad and we’re going to Mongolian BBQ!!! YAY!!!! I haven’t been there in over five years! This weekend I’ll probably go to Benihana’s for dinner. Your girl is going to be eating LOTS of fruit this week!!! I have to offset these calories somehow! And there is not that much exercise in the world! Of course there will be ice cream. What’s a birthday without ice cream? Actually, I’ll get frozen yogurt instead. I’m a little concerned with how things will go this week, but I’m going to be diligent. I’ve already decided that since I’m having the cupcake, I won’t have any alcohol. This is a totally stupid idea because I would like nothing more than a glass of Moscato, but I can’t blow all my WAP at the beginning of my week. I’m a points hoarder; I need to save them so I don’t stress over not having enough points as the week goes on. But really, there’s nothing to worry about. I’m focused. I have nothing else planned for my birthday, so this should be a non-issue.

My goals for next week?

1) Don’t let birthday celebrations throw you off plan.
2) Get your 25lb charm
3) Complete all training for the 5K
4) Continue strength training

My BHAG? You do know what a BHAG is, right? A Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal? Ok, my BHAG is to enter into ONEderland. I am currently at 202.6. If I lose 2.7lbs, I’m in ONEderland. I think I can do it. So this week while I’m repeating to myself the Live or Die mantra, I choose to not only live, I choose to live in ONEderland!!!!

Here’s to a great week!