So I just registered for the WW Walk-!t Challenge here in my area. This is my first ‘real’ race with a bib number and everything! I’ve participated in walks before, but they were all more like community walks. You didn’t get a bib or a finish time or anything like that, just people walking and/or running. But this, this is a real race! I’m going to get a bib number! I can’t wait to get a picture of myself. Seriously, anyone who knows me knows this is a serious matter! Before I got pregnant, I was training to run a marathon (which is still a goal of mine), so this isn’t my first time training to run. It’s just the first time my training will actually culminate in me running a race. Me running is a oxymoron in and of itself, but that’s all about to change.

So why am I running when it’s something I don’t really do? Because it’s something I don’t really do! I can’t participate in a challenge knowing that what I’m doing is not challenging at all. A 5k is equal to 3.1 miles. When I go for a walk, I walk 4 miles. Why 4 miles? Because I could do it in an hour (I’m not quite back to that pace yet, but I’m getting there) and an hour is just a good amount of time to walk. I get an hour’s worth of sunshine so I’m getting some Vitamin D, my lungs get worked out, my heart gets pumping, I’m getting fresh air, I get to listen to music and escape for 60 whole minutes (no Mommy Mommy Mommy, and if there is, I can’t hear it because I have on ear buds), and my son gets to go for a ride in the stroller. The walk usually ends at a playground where he can absolutely wear himself out before we walk back home. So that’s why I walk for an hour. Why 4 miles? Because that’s how far I was able to get in an hour. I’m a fast walker and can’t really walk at a slow pace, plus my legs are long. I sometimes go fast because I figure the faster I go, the faster I can be done. That’s on days I just really don’t feel like being bothered.

This past Sunday I was walking while waiting on my clothes to finish drying at the laundromat. A really fast song came on and I couldn’t walk fast enough to keep up with it, so I started running. I ran for probably about 2 minutes! And that’s a long time for me! I knew that I would start running again and then I get the email about the WW Walk-!t Challenge. It was meant to be. And I was meant to run this race. I plan to find more races to run so that maybe I can do one every month. I figure if I run a 5K every month (and work up to a 10K then to a half-marathon then a marathon), I will constantly be training. If I’m constantly training, I’m constantly exercising. If I’m running, I’ll have to eat like a runner. If I’m constantly exercising and eating right, I’ll be constantly losing (and ultimately maintaining) weight. I’ll have to cross train, so I’ll keep working out with my Wii, the dance games, especially. And of course I’ll incorporate strength training as well.

Speaking of, I tried a couple things at the playground yesterday. I did two sets of tricep dips off the park bench (10 reps per set). I also tried this other exercise that I don’t really know how to explain. Then I tried pull ups. FAIL! If I take my feet off the ground, I can’t pull myself up at all. I need someone to kind of hold my legs while I pull up until I’m able to do it with no help. My son’s father, Zeke, is supposed to be helping me with that. He was an athlete in high school and college (wrestling and football), so he’s kind of trying to get back to that person, but he’s not very motivated. As motivation (and to get free training), I’ve enlisted his help in strength training using my body. It’s good for us because taking our son to the park is a necessity (in his 2 year old mind, everything is about The Slide), so we can workout while he plays. Now that the weather is breaking for real, I can harass him about when we’re gonna start. Clearly, I need help. Anyway, I was happy that I even attempted the three exercises that I did. Go me! I’ve also started doing a few medicine ball exercises. I’ve been basically practicing different strength training exercises so that I can create a circuit I enjoy and that gives me a good workout. I love my medicine ball, but I have to admit, even though it’s only 4lbs, my arms tire out really quickly!!!

Anyway, back to the race. I’m so excited to be training for this! I thought this would be Week 1, so I did my Week 1/Day 1 workout yesterday. But when I wrote down all the dates, I realized that next week would actually be Week 1. Yesterday was a serious struggle. I was supposed to alternate walking and running for a minute each, but there were some intervals that I could only run for 45 seconds. As I went on, though, I noticed that I didn’t even look at my watch until 40 seconds had passed by. Even still, it was hella hard. During my minute walks, I was walking slow as hell! No way I could keep up a brisk walk after running for a minute. But at least I finished the workout. Then I get home, look at the training schedule and start to write down the dates next to each workout (so that I can plan my workout days in advanced cardio vs strength training). I get to the end and it had me running the 5K on 5/17/11. So I erased all the dates and started at the end with 5/22/11 on race day then filled in the dates moving backwards. Doing this makes my first official day of training Monday, April 11th. So between now and then, I’m going to just try to incorporate running into my walks however I can. Sometimes I’ll alternate minute to minute, and sometimes I’ll run for as long as I can until I tire out, then I’ll walk. I’ll start following the running guide on the 11th. Now, even though the trainings are only 30 minutes right now, I’ll still walk another 30 minutes to get my hour in.

I’m committed to doing this, to running this. I know I am because I actually paid to register for the race. Now, at first I was just going to train and then map my own 5K route and do it for free. But I know that I would totally slack off if I did it that way. Nope, I’ve registered. I want my very first bib number! I want a finishing time to work toward beating in my next race. And, of course, I want my free t-shirt! I’m thinking of buying a WW Walk-!t t-shirt, but I’m not sure what I’d want it to say or what color I’d want it to be.

I can’t believe I’m going to run a race! I’m so excited! Yesterday I weighed in at 206.6lbs. I’m excited to see how much I weigh (and how many inches I’ve lost) after completing this 5K. I know it’s only 7 weeks away, but I’m looking forward to my 5/25 weigh-in! My goal is to see the scale go down EVERY week between now and then. I want to see a 10lb loss over the next 7 weeks. I know I can do this.

So tell me, are you up for the challenge?