Wake up, wake up, wake up, it’s the first of the month, get up, get up, get up, get the tape and come on! I just took my measurements and as usual, I’m happy with what the tape has to say. I left 2.5 inches in March! Here’s the breakdown:

Neck: 13.5 (NC)
Bust: 36 (-0.5)
Upper arm: 13 (+0.25)
Wrist: 6.5 (NC)
Waist: 37 (-0.5)
Hips: 46 (-1)
Thigh: 28 (-1.5)
Calf: 15.5 (-0.25)
Ankle: 9 (-0.5)

Since December 1, 2010, I’ve lost a total of 15.25 inches!!! I’ve lost a total of 3.5 inches off my back, 3.75 inches off my waist, 3 inches off my hips, and 2.5 inches off my upper thigh. THIS is why my jeans are too big. And THIS is why I can fit comfortably into the size 16 pants that I bought some time after I had my son. I was a solid 12 before getting pregnant and by the end of last year, those 16’s were tight. I was adamant about not going into an 18. Gaining baby weight is one thing, but to just keep getting bigger after you’ve given birth?! That’s just ridiculous. I’m going to go try on clothes (I am not buying anything) just to see exactly where I’m at.

I’m so happy! I’m starting to try to picture myself at my goal weight. It’s hard, but I try to every day. When I’m trying to imagine it, I’m also telling myself to be comfortable with whatever it is. I have a feeling I’m going to be completely uncomfortable in my new body, so I need to start the positive self-talk now. I feel good. I am now able to see some results. And I’ve had had few non-scale victories. I was at a friend’s house for dinner last week and since I didn’t know how I would count the points of what was being served, I ate a very little bit of each dish. When offered cake, I politely declined and asked if they had any fruit. I didn’t even want any of that cake. It was after rock climbing, so I didn’t want to waste those calories burned on a piece of cake. No thanks.

You already know how frugal I am, so it should come to no surprise to you that my favorite word in the English language is free. I absosmurfly love free. I was at the grocery store tonight and I see an employee standing in her smock smiling. She was a slightly older woman – maybe early 50’s – and looked like she should be standing next to free samples complete with toothpicks, Dixie cups, cocktail napkins, and a little trash can. But none of that was there. As I approached her she said, “Free chips?” Free chips? I look behind her and I see a free sample of Lays potato chips. I tell her, “No thanks, I don’t need any chips,” and isn’t that the truth?! But as I’m passing, I’m trying to figure out why they are giving away free samples of what looks like Lays Original. Whatever, I moved on to the produce and quickly forgot about the free chips. Me! I forgot about two of my most favorite things: free and food! BI-WINNING!!!

I left 4.2lbs and 2.5 inches in March to stay there forever. Onward and downward!!!