I haven’t blogged in a while about what I’ve been eating. I guess I could do that really quick. I’ve tried some new things and fallen back on old favorites. Let’s see if I can remember some good meals that I’ve eaten over the past few weeks.

Remember I’m all about trying new things, right? Usually geared towards vegetables right? So the night I made the spectacular cornbread I also made turkey meatloaf, green beans, and mashed cauliflower. I really wanted mashed potatoes, but I knew that with the cornbread (and of course butter, ’cause who eats dry cornbread) I couldn’t also have mashed potatoes. Especially since I was having a glass of Moscato with dinner. So I decided to try this whole mashed cauliflower thing. I’ve had cauliflower before; I don’t really like it. I’ll eat it (my son likes it), but if I never had it again in life, I certainly wouldn’t miss it. But I thought I could make it taste like mashed potatoes, I really did. I’ve heard people that have done it and I was sure I could do it, too. I had company, so I didn’t have my mise en place set up at all. I almost forgot about the cornbread! So I put the cauliflower in one of my Pyrex mixing bowls with a little water, put the lid on, and put it in the microwave for I forget how long. I mashed it with the potato masher (at least that’s what I call the thing), added 4 tablespoons of light sour cream, and maybe two tablespoons of butter. This was for about 4 servings. I don’t use salt and the butter is unsalted, so it probably could have used some salt. I also didn’t mix it with the cake mixer, which is what I do with mashed potatoes. I figured it could be a bit lumpy. People like a few lumps in their mashed potatoes, right? It tasted like mashed cauliflower. The consistency was of mashed cauliflower. My friend, bless his heart, said tasted like cold rice. I will not give up on quasi-mashed potatoes! I’ll try it again in the future. In the meantime, I’ll stick to sweet potatoes.

The turkey meatloaf was delicious! Normally I’ll use a McCormick seasoning packet, but before I did, I was looking for tomato sauce in the cabinet. Somehow I ended up with a box of Lipton Beef & Onion soup in my hand that I did not remember picking up. As I tried to figure out how it ended up in my hand and where I pulled it from so I could put it back, I realized that I actually needed it for the meatloaf! So however it ended up in my hands, thank goodness it did or I would have forgotten to try it. So that’s what I used as my seasoning for the ground turkey. I added some bread crumbs, an egg, and a can of tomato sauce. It was delicious! I bought the green beans fresh and boiled them with some onion, garlic powder, and Bragg’s amino acids. They were good, but they were even better the next day.

I’ve made some grilled salmon with a honey Dijon sauce. It was really good, but I think I cooked the salmon too long. Next time I’m going to marinate the salmon with Liquid Smoke added to the marinade. I want it to taste like it was cooked outside. I’m not sure if I can use a cedar plank on a stove top grill. I’m also going to try to cover it a little bit with a foil tent to keep some of the oil and moisture in. Or just don’t over cook it, whichever works.

I tried to make my own Creamy Tarragon Chicken recipe. I just couldn’t find one online that sounded scrumpdiddlyumptuous, so I tried to make my own. It was just OK. I used my LC braiser, browned the chicken, removed it, sauteed onion, garlic, a little fresh tarragon & thyme, deglazed the pan with white wine (the cheap stuff, remember?), and added some WW cream cheese to give it that creamy texture I desired. I think next time I’ll deglaze with chicken stock. I just didn’t like the flavor the wine gave the sauce, even though it wasn’t too bad. Maybe I just need to use some real wine. I ate it over whole wheat organic gobbetti pasta. Like I said, it was just OK. It’s back to the drawing board on that one.

That being said, I did like the pasta (which I bought at Whole Foods). I’ve never had that shape before and it seems like it would be fun to play around with. I tried to make a super-lowfat mac-n-cheese with some of the leftover gobbetti pasta to go with the leftover meatloaf meal, but that was a TOTAL bust. It was like pasta with a sprinkle of cheese on top. Low in points, but also low in taste. Blech. I still have half a bag of it leftover (I’m trying to learn to cook for only two people instead of an army), so I think I’ll try to toss it with some olive oil, garlic, and parsely (saw a recipe for that I my new Savoring Pasta & Rice cookbook. We’ll see.

What else? There has been tuna casserole and oven fried tilapia. There was the old salmon & broccoli in aluminum foil fallback. Remember that? The Reynolds Wrap commercials with the Black ladies that had thingies on their heads? And they showed you how to put all your ingredients in the foil, make a pouch, and bake it in the oven? No clean-up? I have always loved doing that with salmon and broccoli, then eating it with brown rice. I took a picture to remind you in case you don’t remember. beforeYou can thank me later. You haven’t cooked like this in years, have you? after
You want to now, don’t you? I know. Like I said, thank me later.

Ok, so moving forward there are some recipes I’d like to try: Risotto with mushrooms, saffron rice, pasta with evoo/garlic/parsley, and stuffed cabbage rolls (even though I don’t eat cabbage).

Of course, there is a short list of foods I’d like to try: polenta, leeks, shallots, eggplant (I resist this, ew, it just seems . . . wrong), artichokes (I’ve had them in spinach artichoke dip, but never alone), brussel sprouts (they look like little cabbages, so I have never tasted them because I don’t eat cabbage), smelt, and smelt pasta.