I decided that I’m going to start to include recipes when I get a chance. I’ve had a few people ask me for a couple, so I figured why not? Tonight’s dinner was Rosemary Chicken & New Potatoes. I got the actual recipe from McCormick. Have we already talked about their recipe inspirations? You get a recipe with spices included, already measured out, then you get to keep the little recipe card. I love these things! I’ve tried a few of them and have a few more in my cabinet waiting to be tried. This one is my favorite, though. recipe card
I *heart* Rosemary Chicken. This recipe added what I would have never thought to add: paprika. I followed the directions on the card exactly except I used a Cornish hen instead of chicken pieces. I cut it in half using my kitchen shears. I mix the EVOO and spices (I used 1 fresh garlic clove for the minced garlic) in one of my little ingredient bowls and let it sit for a little bit. Then I put both halves of the hen in a 4qt mixing bowl and pour a little of the spice mixture and make sure the chicken is covered. Then I added the potatoes (I cut them in quarters; I didn’t cube them) and the rest of the spice mixture and made sure everything was coated well. Then today I added something I’ve never added before: fresh green beans. I mixed everything with my hands to make sure everything was coated well. Then I put a lid on the bowl and put it in the fridge for about an hour (this is not in the recipe, but I was baking banana bread and doing dishes and it just needed to sit).

I used my Le Creuset braiser instead of a baking sheet. I had some fresh thyme in the ‘frigerator so I put a little of that on the hen halves. I guess I didn’t follow the recipe exactly, did I? So what? We never really follow recipes exactly, do we? That’d be way too boring. Anyway, here’s a picture of the before (with the banana bread trying to make a cameo appearance): rrc before I put the green beans on the bottom solely for presentation. For whom, seeing as how I live with a two year old? For you, silly! Chef Curtis said presentation is everything! Well, leave that to plating, but I’ll get to that later. I baked it in the oven covered for about an hour, but I should have checked on it after 45 minutes. The potatoes are what takes long to cook. I took the lid off and let it sit under the broiler for 2 minutes. Here is the after pic: rrc after It was delicious! The only drawback is the green beans (while absolutely delicious) were oily because all the oil ends up in the bottom of the pan. Next time, I’ll put them on the top, just like if I were braising. Lesson learned. But it was still de-damn-licious! My goodness gracious!

Ok, point-wise, how does it measure up? I put the recipe into eTools and it comes out to 10PP per serving (for 4 servings). That’s not bad for an entire dinner of a very decent size! It’s less points than the Applebee’s WW meal and, dare I say, it tastes better! I ate the breast/wing and I ate the skin. Removing the skin would have shaved off some points, but I’m all about the flavor. I also shared with my son, so hopefully he shaved off some of my points. He loved the green beans, too! This recipe is approved by a two-year old. Need I say more?