I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I LOVE MY FRIENDS!!! I randomly ask them to go wall climbing (something most of us have never done) and they are like, I’M DOWN!!! No happy hour, no going out to dinner and drinks, no, not me and my friends. We’re going to get FIT and have FUN doing it! So what made me want to try wall climbing (or indoor rock climbing, whatever)? A few weeks ago I watched an episode of I Used to Be Fat and they had the girl (homecoming episode) climbing the wall. She was SO determined to get to the top of that wall and she couldn’t do it. Then of course, at the end of the ep, she gets to the top. Ever since I’ve seen that, I’ve thought that it would be fun (and semi-torturous) to give it a try. That being the case, I never seriously looked into it until now. I found a few places that have indoor walls in my area and I enlisted a few friends to help (read: come with me and endure torture along side me in the name of friendship and health). We think it’s gonna be a lot of fun! AND it burns a ton of calories! According to various sites on the internet, it can burn up to 700 calories per hour (for a 150lb woman), but you’re only really climbing for about 15 minutes at a time (from what the lady on the phone told me). I checked WW eTools and 15 minutes of rock climbing will earn me 4PP. I’ll take that! We’re not going for another three weeks, but I’ll keep y’all posted as to how it goes.