could ever have you for my guy . . . remember that song? That was my jam! But you know this is not about that, right? Of course not, this is a weight loss blog. Love, like death, is for amateurs and fools. I kid, I kid. I wouldn’t be a real blogger if I didn’t have at least one Charlie Sheen reference, right? Right. So it was silly of me to think that I should weigh myself today. I’ve been sick since Tuesday (5 days ago). I’ve barely been eating, hell, I’ve barely gotten out of the bed. I just told my girl SistaFattyCakes that I would not weigh myself before Wednesday because I know being sick is going to cause a fake loss. So why was it the first thing I did when I got up this morning? Why? When I knew it was a bad idea? Obviously because I love self-torture. I figured I’d lost 5, maybe 6lbs. I have lost 8.4lbs since Wednesday, a mere four days ago. I have no doubt that I will gain all of this weight back. Save maybe 1.5lb that I should lose anyway. I’m not tortured by the amount of weight that I lost being sick, I’m tortured by my weight: 199.7. Can you even believe that??? ONEderland. And it’s not even REAL! AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! That sucks. I know by tomorrow, I’ll be 204lbs because I AM HONGRY!!!! Not hungry, HONGRY!!! I finally have an appetite and I can actually taste stuff! So off I go, play a little Wii Sports, get something to eat (I feel better, but not enough to cook and clean), and back home to straighten up around the house. Doing laundry falls somewhere in there. And if I’m really feeling good, I’ll hit the grocery store. Tell you the truth, I kinda wanna go lay back down in the bed, but I won’t. I need to get moving. Have a great day!!