My new food this week? Leeks. I tried the quinoa last week and I liked it. The texture is a little different and it looks a little different, but it tastes good. It pretty much absorbs the flavor of whatever it is you’re cooking. I did not try the polenta, maybe next week. So I’ll look for recipes with leeks and I’ll look up its nutritional content and report back. I’m sick and going to sleep after I finish typing this.

Each week in the WW meeting, you get a little flyer with tips and information. On the back, there is a kind of challenge for the week. This week’s challenge? Try ten new foods. TEN! Here it is I thought I was doing something trying a new food every week. If y’all knew how picky of an eater I am, you’d know how huge of a deal this is, especially with vegetables, since I don’t really eat vegetables all like that. But TEN new foods in 7 days??? That’s a new food every day, 2 new foods on three of those days! No way!!! An old rap song comes to mind, “Can we do it? Not gon’ be able to do it!!!” I have no idea what song that is or who it’s by, but it sums up the sentiment perfectly.

Do you eat leeks? Have a recipe you want to share? Did you try a new food (or 10) this week? Do tell!!!