I lost 3.6lbs this week!!!!! YES!!!!! I met my goal of losing a total of 15lbs and then some!!! I’ve lost a total of 18.4lbs! So not only did I earn another 5lb star, if this week goes well, I’ll get another 5lb star next week and will have lost 20lbs!!!! So that’s my goal for this week, to lose 1.6lbs for a total loss of 20lbs. I can do it! I am doing it! And guess what else? My current weight? 209lbs! You see it? Did you see the second digit? A ZERO!!!! Did I not just blog about that second-digit-zero? Yeah boyee!!!!! ONEderland here I come!!!!!

What do I think gave me such a good week? I’m sure it was doing that Totally Cool Step dvd. I think that is what jumpstarted my metabolism and kept it going for the rest of the week. After eating 60PP on Friday I was diligent about staying within my points. I ended the week with 7 weekly allowance points left over! And as far as activity points, I’m a little stumped by that. What I noticed last night was that the pedometer adds PP values after the day has ended. I noticed because I was scrolling through the days to make sure I’d tracked all of my activity (I knew I had, but I can be OCD like that). I always track my activity points when I know I’m done moving for the day (laying on the couch, sitting in front of the laptop, going to bed, etc). So last night as I’m looking through, I see that some days are off by 1 to 3 points. So I add those in as “Pedometer Adjustments” so that I know it wasn’t the original pedometer reading. I looked at my pedometer last night at 11:51pm and I had 7,379 steps and 3PP. Seems kinda off since a little over 10K steps is 6PP, but I that’s in hindsight. I look at it again at 12:36am just to see, and just as I figured would happen, it had added 2PP for a total of 5PP for the day. WTF? So I ended the week with 36PP (or ~10PP less if I shouldn’t have adjusted) I wanted to ask about that in my meeting today, but I didn’t get to stay for the meeting.

I had every intention of staying for the meeting. But remember, my son is sick. Yes, I took my sick son to my WW meeting. Don’t judge me. I honestly thought since he wasn’t feeling well, he wouldn’t be his normally rambunctious self and he would be able to sit and be quiet for the meeting. I wanted to celebrate my 5lb star! It may sound like nothing to some people, but it’s one of the reasons I pay for WW: I like little free trinket-type stuff. I like the support of being able to cheer members on and learning from others. I like sharing what I did well in the hopes it will work for someone else. So I was looking forward to my 5lb star! But Reuben had other plans. No, he was not rambunctious; he had no problem sitting in his seat. I took books with us because I figured it would keep him quiet. Why did I do that? He LOVES letters and silly Mommy took an ABC book by Dr. Seuss. So he is talking in a normal voice, “Big B, little b! Big C, little c! Big F, little F!!! Mommy? Big F, little f!!” So I keep telling him to be quiet and try to whisper, but this enrages him and makes him whine, which in turn makes me want to punch him dead in his throat. There are other children in the meeting and NONE of them are making a single sound. Not one. Then the unthinkable happens. The lady sitting next to Reuben tells him to “Sshhh.” This incensed me. One because I now knew I had to leave and wouldn’t get to celebrate my success. Two because he wasn’t acting ignorant, he was reading letters, which any other time I encourage 500%. I glared at her and told Reuben to put his coat on so we could leave. Had I not been saying anything to him, I could understand her feeling the need to say, “Shhh,” but since I was trying to handle it, I felt like she needed to stay in her lane. Yes, it takes a village to raise a child, but lady, you are not in my village!!! I hurried and put his hat and coat on and left. I was SO annoyed. I stopped and got my skinny caramel latte and started driving home with my face all screwed up. I was pissed. I couldn’t believe that I couldn’t have this one small thing, to just be able to celebrate my hard work because my tyrant of a two year old couldn’t be quiet. I was seriously pissed off. I was so agitated I didn’t even feel like stopping at the grocery store because I just wanted to get him home and out of my space (because that’s totally possible in a small 2BR apartment). But I know I have to go to the store because my baby needs some Pedialyte and he drank the last of his last night. I realize as I pull into the parking lot of Kroger that I love my son and I want him to be well hydrated even if he has pissed me completely off. And I realized that he’s only 2 and he wasn’t doing anything wrong. It’s not his fault he can’t always be quiet. He has no concept of what an inside voice is. And just because I want him to know what it is and use it does not make it the reality of what just is. And I felt bad for being sooooo selfish as to have a sick toddler try to sit for 30 minutes quietly just so Mommy can get a friggin’ sticker. Really, Monique? I can go to a different meeting and get my 5lb star, no biggie. I can ask about the pedometer on a WW board online. No biggie. It just was not that big a deal.

So, I’m really happy with my progress so far. I don’t know what it is about the number ’20,’ but I’ll feel more accomplished once I can say I’ve lost 20 pounds. 14lbs didn’t seem like much, but 20? 20. It hasn’t even been a goal of mine! My next goal is my 10% which is 22.7lbs down and then my key chain at 25lb lost. But I just decided, just now, that 20lbs down is just as important!

The measuring tape was good to me, the scale was good to me. All because I was good to myself. I stayed focused and never lost sight of that 15lb goal. Now I’ve passed it and 20lbs is on the horizon. Like everything else, you get out of weight loss what you put into it. I will continue to be good to myself. I will continue to put in 110% even when it seems like it’s not working and the scale is not moving. I will press on. And so will you!!! Be good to you this week!!!