I am happy with myself today! After dropping my son off at school, I needed to go to GNC to see if they had the whey isolate powder that I wanted (I saw it on their website and it was pineapple/banana flavored and I thought it would go well in a smoothie). I decided I would walk the mall until the stores opened at 10am. I got there at 9:10am with less than 1,000 steps on my pedometer. I listened to the Kelis station on Pandora (which I absosmurfly LOVE) and got my walk ON!!!! They kept playing upbeat songs and I kept up a swift pace. I wouldn’t be surprised if sometimes I was walking 5mph. Not the whole time, but a few intervals. I was walking faster than everyone, which isn’t saying much because I’m a naturally fast walker. I forgot to use my ankle weights, though. Did I tell y’all I bought ankle weights? We’ll get to that later. By 10:20 (the time I arrived at GNC) I had over 9,700 steps! I got my 4 miles in and then some in an hour’s time! And the last 2K steps I did really slow; it was my last lap and I figured it could be my cool down. I can’t wait until the weather allows me to walk outdoors and I can take advantage of all the hills while I walk – excellent workout. After I left the mall (without whey protein isolate, might I add, b/c I didn’t want to buy 2lbs of something I may not like), I had my 10K steps for the day, the first time this week. Actually, I came really close on Thursday with 9,643. Anyway, to show you just how lazy I’ve been since (not really, I had to pick my son up from school because he had a fever and wasn’t feeling well, so I’ve been taking care of a sick toddler all day), as of 11:56pm, I only have 13,390 steps (8PP). I was sure I’d end the day with around 17K steps.

Yesterday I put in 60 minutes on the Wii playing some Wii Fit Plus games. I had a lot of fun, too! I have totally been slacking on my Wii workouts lately. I broke a few records yesterday, too! SNOWBALL CHAMPION!!!!!!! And on the Ski Jump I got a new high score! Pretended I was whoopin’ some serious ass during Rhythm Boxing and played a couple games I’d never played before, like Penguin Slide, which I actually kinda liked. Tomorrow is Tuesday, Last Chance Workout, and the 1st of the month which means Tales from the Tape. And I cannot WAIT!!! Part of me wants to do it after midnight tonight, but I won’t do that. I will wait until I weigh-in on the Wii in the morning. I’ll take my measurements while my son is eating his breakfast.

After I left the mall, I went to Borders since they are going out of business. The sale was alright. Still not cheaper than Half Price Books, but ok. Even still, most of the inventory was gone. I’ll try back in a week to see if the sale has gotten better. At any rate, I still walked out of there with some books (20% off) and a couple magazines (40% off). And when I got home, I noticed one of my books (a cookbook of slowcooker/one pot meals) was only $0.98!!! That’s real close to free!!! 🙂 I also got a few weight loss magazines. The book I’m really looking forward to reading, though, is You Are Your Own Gym (YAYOG). I finished the introduction to Weight Work for Women (we talked about that the other day, remember? I’m starting on Wednesday). The rest of the book demonstrates the exercises and is broken up by warm-up/cool down stretches, the upper body, the lower body, the midsection body, and the workouts. Very straight forward and very to the point, I like it. The other day I decided that I would also start going back to Pilates once a week for 10-12 weeks. So when I saw YAYOG, I had to get it! In my old blog, I remember saying (after first beginning with Pilates) that I would never lift a weight again. I liked the workout so much and I loved how I was getting stronger just using my body. So I want to incorporate that into my strength training (ST) workouts, just to switch it up a bit. So I’m going to start reading tonight and try to be done by the end of the week. After I finish the book, I’ll decide just exactly how I want to do it swap out exercises, every other workout (one with weights, next with body-weight, etc), every other week, or a combination.

So I have two books to help me tone up, but guess what else I got? The Ultimate Workout Log (TUWL)! Now, normally, I’m a journal person. I have countless spirals and bounded journals that I use for various things. I love stationary; I get it from my mama! Anyway, I hadn’t actually figured out what I was going to use for logging my exercises for ST. I have a lot of copies of the Body-for-Life training logs, but I didn’t really want to use those. So when I saw TUWL, I had to get it! They had a couple others, but I liked this one the best. It gives me 6 months worth of Since I’m starting on Wednesday, today actually starts week 1 (since when was Monday the first day of the week?) so I’ll log my mall walk as cardio exercise for the day. Same with tomorrow, I’ll log whatever I do for my LCW as cardio exercise. Then on Wednesday, I’ll have my first real strength training day. The first 2-4 weeks I am only shooting to do ST two days a week. Once I get a hang of the exercises and feel more comfortable, I’ll move up to 3x a week. I’ll start on Wednesday and Sundays.

I can’t wait until I get invited to “the” Gun Show. And I WILL have my face in that place eventually! Guess where I’m stopping by on the way to The Gun Show? ONEderland! I am! I realized I don’t have too far to go before I get there, either, only 12.7lbs. I’m 212.6lbs right now. That means I’m only 2.7lbs away from having the second digit in my weight be a zero (baby steps, you understand). And then I’ll only be 10lbs away from ONEderland! There are 45 days until my birthday. That’s 6 weeks. If I bust my ass, like seriously work, I can give myself the best birthday present ever: ringing in 37 at 199 or less! That would be awesome, it really would.

And before I go to sleep, I just want to say, I can’t believe I’ll be 40 in three years. Where they hell did all the time go? But how sweet is it going to be when I am looking fiercely fabulous at forty? To be in better shape at 40 than I was at 20? Yeah, I’m lookin’ forward to that. (*cue my exit music*)