Real quick, I lost 0.6lb again this week. But since I ate ALL of my weekly points and didn’t really exercise too much (although I got over 10K steps most days), I was happy with that. It’s amazing what perspective will do. That being said, that makes my total lost only 14.8lbs. WTF?! I can’t believe 15lbs is this friggin’ hard to attain. The good thing about it is that I know I’ll get my 5lb star next week. Because, you see, there is NO WAY I’m not losing AT LEAST 0.2lb. I mean, really. I’d like to lose 1.2 just because I’d like to lose more than a pound this week.

I’m even gonna shake up my work-out routine. I’m going to still play some Wii games, but I just bought a new exercise DVD that I saw someone using on youtube and felt like I had to have it. It’s Christi Taylor’s Totally Cool Step. And I *heart* it. I only did 20 minutes today, but lemme tell you: I WORKED during that 20 minutes! I was literally dripping with sweat. My heart rate was at over 70% of my max heart rate. AND only 20 minutes earned me FIVE Activity Points!! YupYup!! I’m looking forward to doing the next section of the DVD tomorrow. Step aerobics has come a looooooong way from the last time I did it (over 10 years ago, clearly). But I still like it just as much as I did then. It’s more fun now because it’s like dancing, and I love dancing. This is right up there with Zumba. This week, it’s all about step aerobics and dancing. Where did I get my step? From the Goodwill! The Goodwill has been my best friend, I’m tellin’ you! Did I tell y’all I got a juicer from there for $12? Yup. Brand new, in the box, $12. Of course, it’s not a Breville; it’s a $40 juicer. I forget who makes it, Black & Decker maybe? At any rate, since I splurged on the Le Creuset, the Breville is out of the question right now. This cheap little juicer is going to have to do. Until someone gifts me a better juicer. ANYWAY, I’ve totally digressed. I’m hoping that shaking up my workout routine for the whole week will jumpstart my metabolism and help me lose more than a pound this week.

AND because I can’t pass up a bargain, I bought some new books. Most of them you’ll hear about in a later post. But I realized that I have not been serious about weight training. And I am seriously serious about not have left over skin and flab. So weight training is a must. And I. Want. Muscles! Remember that song from the 80’s?! But, yeah, I want muscles. I want to actually look fit. So I picked up a book that caught my eye (and was only $3.99): Weight Work for Women. I am committed to reading the book and coming up with a workout. I will be ready to start next week.

So that’s me and my week. What are you doing this week to reach your goals? Share!!!