I can’t believe I didn’t update last week! Probably because I wasn’t that thrilled with my weigh-in. Obviously, I’ve gotten over it by now. At any rate, I lost 0.6lb for a total loss of 14.2lbs. Fifteen pounds lost is elusive, isn’t it? I’m hoping beyond all hope that I can step on the scale on Wednesday and lose at least 0.8lb. So far I have earned an average of 6PP per day in activity points according to my trusty-dusty WW pedometer (which I love). Even still, according to the Wii, I have neither lost nor gained. Last week I ate all of my Weekly Allowance Points (WAP) and dipped into my activity points and I still lost (albeit a little bit). Yesterday I ate the last of my WAP. I have not dipped into my AP, though. I actually had a bad eating day today in that I didn’t eat all of my points. I didn’t eat enough today, period. I did a lot of walking, though (over 11K steps), so hopefully that will keep my metabolism in check? I dunno.

I think I thought I was going to do a video (because that’s what I said I’d do) and that’s why I didn’t update with my weigh-in. I have SO much to tell, but I’m sooooo sleepy. But stay tuned for my entire kitchen haul! New kitchen = New, healthier me, right? Right!! Good night!