I went to WW today to buy a pedometer. I decided that I would still buy it for the simple fact that it tells me how many points I’ve earned for the day. I’m still going to get the Omron pedometer, though. I’m nerdy enough to wear two pedometers and pretty enough to pull it off. LOL I couldn’t wait to get home so I could Walk It Out. I wanted to see how accurate the game is when it comes to counting steps. I also wanted to see how accurate the pedometer was at counting activity points (AP).

As a warm up, I decided to play some WiiFit games. I started with about 2500 steps. I ended up playing Basic Step first and got PERFECT RHYTHM!!!! That means all my steps were perfect! I took a picture of the score screen:


So of course I wanted to see if I could get a perfect score in Advanced Step. I played FIVE times. Didn’t even beat my high score. BOO!!! But that was 25 minutes worth of Advanced Step and according to WW eTools that equals 2AP! So I was happy, even if I couldn’t beat my personal high score. Played Snowball Fight for my last 2 minutes so I could get my 30 minutes in on the Wii Fit. I ended with about 4500 steps. At this point my pedometer said I’d earned 1AP. Nope! 2! On to WIO…

I started with 4,720 steps (at 3:45pm). According to the game, I took 21,413 steps. So far TODAY (at almost 11:00pm), my pedometer shows 21,443, so clearly, the game is not accurate. I walked for 98 minutes and according to my pedometer, I had about 17K steps when I finished, for a difference in about 13K steps. That sounds about right b/c when I walk outside, 4 miles gets me about 8800 steps, so 6 miles should get me a little over 12K steps. So the pedometer is more accurate as far as steps. The game is accurate when it comes to mileage, though. I took all the songs out of the playlist that had less than 120bpm (except 2 or 3), so I feel I had a pretty good pace. I sweat much more today than any other time playing the game. Anyway, here are my stats:

Burned 737.6 calories
Miles 6.2
The town is 19% complete
I have 62/120 songs!

And I got another rainbow today! I walked for 90 minutes, but only had 6/7 spheres. I had to walk for another 8 minutes to get the last sphere. So worth it! Looking for rainbow spheres gives me something to do while I’m saving coins for large purchases. Today I planted 3 flower fields, built at least 3 boutiques, and bought lots of song and zodiac pieces. Still no constellation complete, though. It was a really good walk. I had a lot of fun today!

So it’s the end of the day and I decided that I really like my WW pedometer. It tracks ALL movement. So there’s a pause button on it (for like when you are driving). I’m never going to press the pause button because I know I’ll forget to press it again and I’d rather have a few extra steps than to not count my steps at all. Here’s what’s cool about it. I tracked my activity points for the exercise I did today, 12AP. My pedometer says I’ve earned 14AP!! There are two settings on the pedometer: All Day and Activity. If you set it to all day (which is what I do), you won’t start earning activity points until you have taken enough steps to cover what would be considered regular daily activity. I’m not sure what that exact number is, but I didn’t have any AP at 2500 steps, but I had one at 4700 steps. So somewhere in between there; I’ll try to pay more attention tomorrow. I’m planning on only using the AP values it gives me on days I don’t exercise. On days that I exercise, I’ll use the values in eTools for whatever activity that I do. That seems like a pretty good plan.

I have had 128 minutes of activity today. I think I’m done. No Zumba and no jump rope. I’m ready to shower and go to sleep. Stay tuned for a video tomorrow after my weigh in. Good night!