Tomorrow is my weigh-in. According to the Wii, I’ve lost about 1.6lbs since last week. I would really love to lose 1 more pound, I really would. That would take me to an even 15lbs lost and I’d get another 5lb star. But I know I can’t burn 3500 calories in one day. I’m still going to go for about 2,000. I’m only going to do one Wii game, Walk It Out (of course), then I’m going to switch it up. I’m going to do Zumba AND I got a DVD from the library with a jump rope routine. Jumping rope is NO JOKE! How so? Ok, most activities I earn 1 Activity Point (AP) for every 10 minutes of activity I do. Jumping rope, though, earns me 1AP for only 3 minutes of activity, so in 10 minutes I’ll earn THREE points. And that has consistently been the longest three minutes of my life. I think the workout on the DVD might be 15 minutes. I think that’s about as long as I could go anyway. The cover of the DVD says you can burn 1,000 in an hour and I totally believe it. My goal is to complete 15 minutes; that should give me 250 calories. WIO will burn at least 600 calories. How am I going to get 1,150 more calories? Hopefully half of that will be burned by Zumba. And I guess part of it will come from what I’m *not* eating. I can only hope. I’m also going to do my Wii Fit yoga/strength training. I wish I had one of those things they wear on the biggest loser that tells them their calorie burn. Is that a special type of HRM? Anyway, I also have some cleaning and furniture moving to do that I’ve been putting off. All in all, it should be a good day. I have 10 weekly points left, and I’m going to try not to use them today.

My concerns about my weigh-in tomorrow? Aunt Flo should be here today or tomorrow. She hasn’t sent any word that she’s coming, but she can’t not come. I haven’t done anything to make her not show, so I’m sure she’ll be here, in all her bitchy glory. I’m concerned she’s gonna mess up my weigh-in. I’ve tried to do better with my water intake (but didn’t do that much better) so that I wouldn’t retain any water leading up to this weigh-in. But you know what? That’s out of my control, so there is no sense in worrying about it. Aunt Flo will bring whatever she brings. And then by my next weigh-in, she and all the BS she brought with her will be gone.

I just realized yesterday was Meatless Monday. Totally forgot. Eh, there’s always next week. I also didn’t try the quinoa. I’ll use it in a meal this week (I doubt I’ll make it tonight). I did try the persimmon, but I didn’t like the texture. It was VERY sweet. I doubt I’ll buy another one. So next week’s new food is quinoa. Really this time.