Oh. My. Goodness. Ok, I always say I’m going to buy cast iron pans, but I never do. I saw some at the goodwill, but didn’t get them because they weren’t black. In my mind, it’s supposed to be black, not gray. Black. So as I’ve been researching these Dutch ovens, I’ve only been looking at cast iron enameled ones. And I’ve only been looking at Dutch ovens and casserole dishes. After much research and much to my dismay, I start to think I want a Le Creuset. I know, I know, I know what I said. But I want one. I am *not* going to pay $200+ for one, either. If I can’t find a good deal on Ebay or at the outlet mall, then I’m going to have to wait. When I go to the outlet mall, I’m going to go to the Le Creuset outlet to see if they have a good deal.

During my research, I learn about Descoware. I’m also learning that this really interests me. Like REALLY interests me. So I learn that Descoware was Julia Child’s preferred enameled cast iron cookware. We’ll get back to what I think of Julia Child. Even after Le Creuset came on the scene, she still stood by Descoware. Eventually, Le Creuset bought Descoware, but got rid of the brand while keeping the color schemes. I find out that you can find this vintage cookware on eBay, in thrift stores (if you’re lucky), or garage sales and the like. So I go on eBay and I’m DEVOURING each and every enameled cast iron item on there. What I need is cheap but still in good condition. I mean because here’s the thing: people who own this cookware (Descoware or LC) and have owned it for my entire 36 years of life or longer STILL use it and STILL swear by its usefulness and durability. Definitely worth the money. If I absolutely *have* to spend it. But for now, I’m going to scour eBay and thrift stores.

As far as Julia Child, I never knew too much about her before last year. I mean, I knew who she was, but I had no idea how she became who she was. When that movie Julie & Julia came out, I started to research her a little bit. After I saw the movie, I started watching some youtube videos of her. What I like about her is that she was so REGULAR. I mean, just a regular lady, who came on the scene and BLEW UP. And she still stayed REGULAR. My favorite clip of her is on David Letterman. Something doesn’t work or go her way or she makes a mistake? So what?! And I love that. Plus, this woman’s kitchen is forever preserved at the Smithsonian Museum. Such an impact on American history? I trust her word about cast iron enamelware. And the next time I’m in DC, I’m going to see her kitchen!

Somewhere along the way, I get hooked. I bid on an item on eBay, not thinking I’d win. I get an email today that I WON!!!! It’s the very first time I’ve won anything on eBay! And look what I got:

My First Descoware

It looks GREAT!!!!!!! Looks barely even used! Less than $5!!!! WOOWHOOOOOOO!!! 😀

It gave me to confidence to bid on a couple of more items. I think I’m getting the hang of this eBay thing. Some things I can only admire, but it’s nice to see which pieces are out here. I know I definitely want a bean pot. I make beans A LOT! Well, mostly chili and lentils. I would love to make them in a bean pot like the one on Julia’s stove. I plan to get a few small pieces now, then collect more over time to work up a decent collection. Right now my kitchen is VERY small, so storage is a concern. But I will display them on the stove, because I’m sure they will be conversations starters!

I WON ANOTHER PIECE!!!!! Take a looksie. Cute, huh? I thought so, too. I have a couple more pieces I want to add so they can also be display items. We’ll see.

When it’s all said and done, I know I’ll want to cook more from the sheer excitement of using my “new” cookware. I bought three new cookbooks from Half Priced Books. I got one from the library, too. SO excited to try some of the recipes! I can still remember the cookware my parents used when I was a little girl. I remember what was made in which pots and pans. I remember those cast iron skillets making THE BEST cornbread and the BEST fried chicken!!! I want Reuben to grow up with good memories about food and meal times. I want him to remember our cookware. I want the sight of that green pepper dutch oven to invoke memories of good, hearty, comforting, and delicious meals. I have always said the bathroom and kitchen were the most important rooms in the house. I never realized, until now, how important the kitchen really is to families and mealtimes. We had an eat-in kitchen growing up, so it is the site of lots of memories of home. Almost everything happened in the kitchen. Now that I realize how important it is (not to mention it is the center of your diet and therefore your health), I need to treat it that way. No more cheap pots, pans, bakeware, or knives. I am getting rid of ALL cheap kitchen items that I have. Both knife blocks (I’ll keep the steak knives), cheap pans, pans with all the nonstick coating gone, rusted cookie sheets & baking pans, all of it, GONE!!!

This is a HUGE deal for me. I am the most frugal person that I know. I talk about the things that I need, but I’ve never been willing to shell out the cash for the good stuff. Always wishing I had this type of dish or that type of knife or this type of pan. No more. What a silly thing to not have. Your kitchen should be equipped with everything you need to be healthy. How did I not see this as a priority before??? Now, my kitchen won’t ever look like Julia Childs’, as I’m not a chef (just a lightweight wannabe) and don’t see the purpose of SO MANY PANS. My goodness gracious! But I will have everything I need in my kitchen. And I will be healthier (and happier) because of it.