I have had 5, I think. All cheap except the one that was provided for my job. I loved that pedometer. There was a website where we could upload download our steps directly from the pedometer. We earned money based on how many steps we took each year. LOVED the program. Virgin Healthmiles. Loved. It.

So I find myself needing a new pedometer. I was still using my Virgin HM one, but you have to download the steps every so often or it will get full and not count your steps until you download them. I used it until it was full, then I had to let it go (you can’t use the website unless it’s through your employer. That part was a bummer.) and buy yet another cheapie. I got one for about $17. It talks. It’s annoying and convenient all at the same time. And it’s dying. I’ve only had it for about 2 months. So I decided I was going to by a nice pedometer. One that won’t break after two months. One that is accurate and records all of my steps. One that won’t break the bank.

The WW pedometer was the obvious choice. If for no other reason than it will automatically calculate my Activity Points earned for the day. So I go online and I start to comparison shop and read reviews and it seems that Omron has the pedometer game on LOCK!!! One of the WIO ladies suggested a fitbit, but I just can’t get with the price. My pedometer shouldn’t cost more than my Heart Rate Monitor. At least not in my eyes. It was almost a toss-up until I saw this:

My Future Pedometer

Omron Pedometer

What makes it so great? It has a software program! I can download to software to my computer and then upload my steps every day. I love that. It’s just another way of tracking and accountability that’s not really built into anything else. There is a place on the Wii where you can enter your steps, but you have to enter them the day you take them. So it’s not like I’m going to remember to go to WiiFit every night at 11:59pm to log my steps. This way, I can upload them whenever I want; it keeps a history of your steps for 42 days. That’s what’s up. I like it. I’m hoping I can find it in a store, otherwise I have to order it online and wait. Waiting is not the business.

It’s little things like this that keep me on track and motivated. Playing with a new pedometer and it’s software? Awesome.