So I’m in the grocery store and I’m looking at fruit that I’ve never seen before. An apple-pear. It looks all sorts of wrong. But right next to it are these little, shiny, orange . . . wait, what is that? Oh! It’s a persimmon! I’ve never even seen one before, so obviously I’ve never had one. I decided to buy it to give it a taste. I got it home and realized I have no idea what to do with it. Peel it? Slice it? Is it ripe? Who friggin’ knows? So just now I decided to look it up in the Wellness Foods A to Z book. Let’s learn together, shall we? That’s assuming you’re as ignorant about persimmons as I am. I had to ask my friend SistaFattyCakes how to pronounce it. :-/

Ok, so I think I have a Fuyu persimmon. No tannins, so it’s not sour. Supposedly crisp and sweet like a Fuji apple. I can peel it or not, it’s up to me. I’m going to try the peel. Nutritionally, they have 20% of your Beta carotene, 14% Vitamin C, and 10% Vitamin B. And 6.1g of fiber!

Ok, so I think I’ll slice it like an apple to give it a try. If it’s yummy enough, I’ll mix it with some cantaloupe and pineapples for a little fruit salad. If I’m feeling really daring, I’ll even slice grapes in half to put it in. That’s not daring to you, huh? For me, grapes were meant to be eaten all by themselves. The Almighty had to have me in mind when he made these. I *heart* grapes. And now that fruit has 0PP values on WW?! I tend to over do it. I bought 4lbs of grapes the other day. That same day I ate over a pound of them. I’m not sure you should eat a pound of grapes in one day, 0PP or not. Still, to have to use some to slice up for a fruit salad?! Totally daring. Anyway, I’ve digressed. Persimmons. Right. Though I’m usually totally against fruit in my food, if it passes the yummy test I will try one of the serving suggestions of making a salsa for grilled meat/chicken. We’ll see. I’ll let y’all know how I like it. I think it’s going to be dessert tonight.

I know I said I was trying quinoa this week, and I still am. Nothing wrong with two new foods in a week, right? I think next week’s food is going to be polenta. I’ve always kinda wondered about it. See, cornbread is my favorite food. Mmmm, my stomach immediately feels emptier just talking about it. And you know that’s a shame! Anyway, I love cornbread. Polenta is not cornbread, but it’s made from corn meal, so it’s some kin, right? Yeah, I thought so, too. So I’m going to look up some recipes for that and see what I come up with. It’s likely going to be some type of tomato based something or another. With cheese on top. And maybe some basil. Polenta bruschetta? We’ll see.

I have stuff in my cabinets that I’ve almost never used: P.A.N harina de maiz (white corn meal) and Maseca (yellow corn meal). What makes these different from regular corn meal is that they are ground finely, like flour. I bought the P.A.N to make arepas, and I did. Once. They were just OK. I don’t mean the filling, but the actual arepa. Wait, do you know what an arepa is? I’d never heard of them until my favorite food blogger did a vlog about them. Who is my favorite food blogger? Food Wishes! I *heart* Food Wishes. The food is *not* light fare, but it always looks DELECTABLE!!!! I’m determined to make lower fat versions of some of his recipes. After seeing his arepa vlog, I googled them and Ooooohhhhhhh my goodness!!! I went on an immediate quest for the P.A.N harina. And then I felt let down because they didn’t taste how I expected. I know now it’s because I didn’t season the harina. Foodwishes just did another arepas vlog the other day. I’m going to try some type of version of these or of my own. But I’m determined to master the arepas! I got the Maseca to try making them with yellow harina and see if that changes the taste or anything. Here’s my plan. I’m going to have an Arepas Day. I’ll eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For breakfast, I’ll use the P.A.N and for dinner I’ll use the Maseca. Lunch is a toss-up. I’ll use eggs, sausage, and cheese for breakfast. For dinner it’ll be shredded bbq chicken, sliced sweet potatoes and maybe some spinach? I dunno, but that sounds good as hell! LOL! I came here to talk about my persimmon and I’ve totally gotten off topic. Nothing the change in subject line won’t fix.