You already knew I was going to play today, lol. I played for the exact same amount of time, and my stats are a little lower today. I guess there were more slow songs today than there were yesterday. And by slow, I mean Beyonce’s Crazy in Love. Here are my stats:

13,821 steps
3.9 miles
491.1 calories

I unlocked 25 town building events today including the Air Ship (which is actually a blimp, 1,000 coins), 2 flower fields (1,000 coins each), 2 Burger Champs (573 each), a house (250), and 2 cars (200, I think). The rest was stuff like benches, cherry trees (I know what I said, but they’re pink!), streetlights, and street signs. The rest of my stat are pretty much the same percentage-wise except the songs. I unlocked 8 new songs today! So that upped the percent from 32% to 39%. I’m hoping there are more fast songs (150+ beats per minute). I’m going to put all these songs in the upbeat list and only include songs with 120+ bpm. I need those 120 bpm songs as a rest! Some of the songs are like 170 bpm and I’m kinda jogging in place! So I welcome 120 bpm after something like that. Not sure when I’ll get that done, but it’s on my WIO to-do list.

I also got a great idea from one of the experts on the WIO Facebook page. I’m going to print out a map of the island:

Rhythm Island

get it blown up a little and laminate it. That way I map out my goals each day with dry erase marker. I can map where all the rainbow spheres are and then use the map on my walk when I play. SUCH a good idea! I’ll also label the map with big stuff like the hotels, Burger Champs, Windmills, etc. Can’t wait!

The next time I play (most likely tomorrow, who am I kidding?) I’m going to get the rest of the windmills and either work on apartment buildings or cafes.