Went wonderfully!!! WooWhooooooo!!!! I lost 2.8lbs for a total loss of 12.8lbs! I met my 5% goal!!!!! I was SO excited in the meeting! I shared TWICE! I was even excited about my little 5% sticker! I can’t believe how motivating it was!!! I couldn’t wait to get home and get on the Wii!! It’s nothing like a loss to motivate you!!!

(LMAO, I was typing and all of a sudden something random appears on the screen. Apparently, if you hit Fn+spacebar it takes you thru various modes (energy saving, high performance, etc). I was like, WTF is this??? I really need to learn to use my laptop.)

Anyway, my goal for this week is to lose 2.2lbs for a total loss of 15lbs. I think I can do it!!!

I decided against making my own hummus and just bought some from Whole Foods. I got roasted red pepper hummus, but I forgot celery and pita bread. I need cucumbers, too. Celery & Cucumbers. That’s pretty much the extent of my raw vegetable snacks. I also bought some organic quinoa. You wanna laugh? I just learned how to pronounce that word a few weeks ago. I’ve been saying kwinoah. Yeah, keenwah never would’ve crossed my mind. The truth is, I still say kwinoah; once I’ve said something long enough, it’s almost impossible to change it. Anyway, I bought some; it’s organic whole grain. I didn’t know what the difference was between whole grain and sprouted, so I stuck with what I thought I knew. I’m not sure how the whole sprouted thing turns out when cooked. I’ll find a recipe to use it in this week. I also bought a different brand of Egg Beaters, whatever the cage-free brand is at WF. I really am trying to do better as far as organic, free range, no antibiotics, grain fed, etc, etc. And I’m trying to change my mind when it comes to price. I’ve paid money for enough junk over the years to not have the nerve to complain about the price of an organic vegetable or free range poultry. Suck it up.

Today I’m making chili, but I’m using canned beans. I’ve never used canned beans for chili before, so I’m a little nervous. But I’m also the only person I know who cooks dry beans, so if everyone else can used canned beans, doggone it, so can I! I just won’t make a habit of it (cuz it just seems . . . wrong), and I’ll make sure to rinse really, really well (even though they are reduced sodium). I’m also using ground chicken breast. Whole Foods was out of ground turkey breast, so I got chicken.

The more I sit and think about it, the more I’m not sure how to cook chili with canned beans. I don’t know how the juice/soup would get made if the beans are already cooked? Forget it. I’m using dry beans. I’ll use the canned beans for a rice & beans dish later. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Soooooooooo that means stir fry for dinner. I’ll let the beans soak overnight. I’m cool with that.

More later, I’m about to jump on the Wii!