I’m rewarding myself for reaching my 5% goal. With what, you ask? A WELL NEEDED PEDICURE!!!! Yes, in the winter! I’m going to take sandals with me to the mall and walk to get some steps in while I make sure they are dry before putting on socks and shoes. I would do them myself, but the truth is, there’s too much fat in the way. I can’t bear to bend over all this fat just to scrub my feet and do my toes. I’m going to get pampered!

Let me tell you what I realized this morning. So you know my highest recorded weight with WW was 247lbs back in 2002. That’s about 33lbs from where I am now. I’m always telling my son that he is too big for me to carry and that he weighs too much. He weighs 30lbs. I had a Biggest Loser moment. Carrying him is what it felt like to carry all that extra weight????? And if I lose just THAT much it will be like losing HIM from my body? Damn. I always feel like just because I’m still over 200lbs that I may as well be 247lbs again. I realized today that simply wasn’t true. 30lbs is a lot of weight. And I know because 30lbs asks to be carried EVERY DAY and I dread it (until I can sneak some kissies). If I dread picking him up, I need to dread carrying that extra weight around on my body period.

My ultimate goal weight is 155lbs. WW says that for my height, I should be between 132 & 164 (I think). 132 simply isn’t gonna happen. I know 164 isn’t it, either, because I’ve been 170 and it was still fatty. 155 gives me enough room to gain a little and not end up overweight. So 155 is my goal. That’s almost 60lbs from where I’m at now. I need to drop two of my sons off of my body. And I will. But I’m no longer going to think of that, because it’s overwhelming. I’m just trying to make it to next week and 15lbs down.

Let me work out on the Wii, take a shower, then go get my pedi and get my walk on! I am spending NO MONEY at the mall. I’m just walking. I’m taking almonds with me for a snack in case I get hungry. 🙂